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Marcus Simpao


Admissions Counselor

Territory: Chicago (Southside)
At St. Ambrose since 2012

reality dedicated staff

What I look for

I love to meet students who are excited about their education and future careers; who are dedicated to bettering themselves and those around them. I know that St. Ambrose is an excellent place to do both. I try to find students who have great attitudes and know how to work hard but also know the value of relaxing and having fun as well.


A bit about Marcus

Marcus crossed the mighty Mississippi to build on his Catholic high school education at St Ambrose. As an Alleman High (Rock Island, Ill.) student he was known for his triple jump skills on the track team.

During college he was an athlete on the Fighting Bees track and field team and participated as an assistant coach. As a former student-athlete, he enjoys meeting students who are involved in sports of all kinds and loves talking to them about their interests as well as the many intramural and varsity sports offered at St. Ambrose University.

His St. Ambrose undergraduate studies were in criminalistics, and he also has a master's degree in criminal justice from SAU. His "detective work" can assist any student in solving the "what-is-the-right-college-for-me" mystery.

What I like about my job

I love everything about the job! The family atmosphere at St. Ambrose is one of the main reasons I chose to come to school here and continues to be one of the main reasons I love being on campus every single day. I also greatly enjoy that not every day at work is the same; each day brings new challenges and new work for me to tackle. Most importantly, I truly love helping students find a place for themselves here at St. Ambrose. College is an important and fun time, and I enjoy being able to help students along in the sometimes difficult process of choosing the right school for them.

My hobbies

I love to work out and stay in shape and am in the gym almost every day. When not on campus I love to spend my free time with my rescue dog, Asha. She is a beautiful Siberian Husky. I also enjoy reading just about any kind of book out there, traveling to new places, and spending time with my family and friends.

Connections to SAU

Sometimes I am a leader and sometimes a follower. I followed my buddies from Alleman high school over for a campus visit and the rest is history. I fell in love with campus and the decision was easy. When choosing a college use your heart and head to make the decision and it will all fall into place. St Ambrose offered me a Catholic education, a major that I was interested in, and an athletic scholarship.

Most commonly asked question

How difficult is it to get admitted to SAU?
And Marcus' answer: St Ambrose looks at the whole student. You are not just an ACT score. We look at your academic profile, classes taken in high school and your experiences outside the classroom - the whole student. St Ambrose will work with you where you are. This includes students that work hard in the classroom and are involved in community service to the students that are interested in our new honors program. We have a place for you to succeed!



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