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Lynn Rider


Admissions Counselor

Undergraduate Admissions

Admissions and Welcome Center
Corner of Locust and Brady Streets
310 W. Locust St.
Davenport, IA 52803


Territory: Central Chicago and western suburbs
At St. Ambrose since 2014

reality dedicated staff

What I look for

Someone who is passionate and enthused about improving and enhancing their life and the lives of others. Ambrose will challenge you, push you to experience new things, and try things outside of your comfort zone, but you'll also have all the support and encouragement along the way! If any of the above sparks an interest, you'll fit right in at SAU.

A bit about Lynn

She's a local girl familiar with SAU but made the hard decision to leave town and attend another university. While there were fun things to do at her alma mater, many of her friends attended SAU so she spent quite a few of her weekends socializing at St. Ambrose. Lynn can tell you everything you want to know about weekend life at SAU and the great Quad Cities!

The key to success is working hard! Lynn had numerous jobs and internships while attending college which made her resume rise to the top and join the Bee team. (Not the "B" Team, because here at Ambrose we're definitely the "A" team!)

Lynn will help you with all of the details, because that's what she's known for; Lynn will walk you through the entire college selection process with a checklist in hand and answer any question you might have. Don't be shy – Lynn is happy to tell you why SAU is a good fit!

What I like about my job

Meeting great students and families and sharing fun facts about Ambrose! Choosing a college is one of the most important decisions you will ever make, and I love being a part of the process and helping people make the best decision for them.

My hobbies

Watching sports and Criminal Minds, reading, and boating whenever I get the chance!

Connections to SAU

I grew up just down the road; my grandfather attended Ambrose, as did many friends.

Most commonly asked question

What is there to do on the weekends?

Lynn's answer: SAU has over 50 clubs and organizations on campus, including Dance Marathon, Student Government, Dodgeball, and so many more! Not to mention there is always something going on in the Quad Cities: major concerts, minor league baseball games (at the #1 rated Best Minor League Baseball Stadium in the country), zoos, festivals, and exciting nightlife. There is always something going on at Ambrose and in the QC.