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Kate Winkler

Evergreen Park, Illinois

Elementary Education Major

See for yourself

"The Student Success Center is one of the best things at Ambrose. It's there if you need help with a paper or a full-time tutor. They know what they're talking about."

When she came to Ambrose, Kate broke out of her shell. She can count tutoring kids after school and frolicking at the Last Blast festival as just two of the many new ways she's experienced college and made friends.

Kate came to Ambrose with her twin sister, Alison. They're both majoring in education-Kate is studying elementary education while Alison is studying early childhood education-and live together in Franklin Hall. Known as "the athletic one," Kate enjoys working out at the gym and playing intramural volleyball (although not well!). You can also find her working in the Admissions Office for her workstudy job.

In his/her own words:

What were you looking for personally in a college?

I was looking for a smaller school where I knew I would fit in and be comfortable. I heard nothing but good things about Ambrose. I love the class sizes; they're more personal. And the professors want you to succeed. If you have questions, you can email them or talk to them in their offices. They care about you.

What's your favorite class?

Communications 101, a speech class. The coursework was interesting; it made you think about how you interact with others and how people can misinterpret the things you say.

How are you preparing for life after college?

I do a lot of observation for my education classes. I've been to schools around the area, including a kindergarten class at Trinity Lutheran School. That was extremely beneficial to me, because now I know I want to teach older kids who are in fourth to sixth grade. My sister wants to teach younger kids, but it's not for me. I grew up with people who had disabilities, so I hope to teach special education.

What do you do for fun?

I go to the movies and shop with a lot of friends. We hang out around campus. A lot of my friends play sports and we go to each other's games to show support.

Last Blast is one of the most fun campus events. Everyone gets together the weekend before final exams for different kinds of activities. Last year they had games going on in front of Rogalski Center and Josh Kelly sang. When it started raining, we all just went inside and continued to have fun.

How do you like campus living?

Franklin Hall looks like a hotel. It's not your typical res hall. I loved the fact the school takes such good care of the building. A cleaning service comes in once a week to clean the hall – even our bathrooms!

What's your secret to better campus living?

A refrigerator, a TV, a microwave, plenty of pictures, and a futon.



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