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Meghan Schoen

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Morton, Illinois

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"When you're looking into colleges, stay overnight. Go to a class. That’s how you really experience it."

Meghan is committed to service at Ambrose. She grew up working with children at her church. And her mom worked in a hospital affiliated with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, so that sparked her interest in helping other kids. At Ambrose, she's on the executive board of Up 'til Dawn, a student-run program that helps kids at St. Jude.

Meghan also plays intramural soccer and continues to explore her spirituality with other students at campus Bible study. And she's sampled the fun of the Quad Cities–from rollerblading at Vander Veer (a big park right next to Ambrose) to catching movies at the IMAX theater.

In her own words:

How do you contribute to Up 'til Dawn?

We raise awareness and money for St. Jude. I bring people from around the Quad Cities to campus to talk about their struggles. For our biggest event, I helped organize speakers and games. We even got a comedian. It was a lot of hard work, but it turned out well and we raised a lot of money.

How do spirituality and religion fit into your campus experience?

I've been to all the retreats and I go to church. Campus Bible study has done really good things for me. It's great to meet people who are like me and who I can relate to. We're all on the same page. They're here for me any time I need them. They're like a safety net.

We meet every Tuesday to sing worship songs and study the Bible. Last semester, we talked about money and the Bible. Bible study is open to everyone, and it seems like we have a new person every week.

Why St. Ambrose?

I was looking for a small campus that was close to home. I knew I didn't want a big school. I didn't want to be just a face in the crowd. I wanted people to know who I was. St. Ambrose is a very inclusive school. No one gets left out. If you miss a class there's always someone who will lend you their notes and help you catch up. The teachers here are personable and easy to approach. I've liked them all.

What is your favorite Ambrose tradition?

Homecoming was fun. Everyone came together to show their school spirit and was really enthusiastic. I like supporting our teams, and it was fun to see everyone get excited.

Any advice for first year students?

If you're undeclared or thinking about switching majors, definitely go to the Career Center. I took the Myers-Briggs test to help me figure out what career I'd be compatible with. The counselor talked me through my test results and laid out what I would enjoy. Everything matched up!

What should students bring with them to college?

A fridge, microwave and a futon. And some decorations to make your room more lively.


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