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Meredith McAfoos

Davenport, Iowa

Elementary education major
Third-generation Bee
Dance team member
Seasoned tailgater
Devoted daughter

See for yourself

"Don't just choose a college because all of your friends go there, or because that's where all of the parties are. Go somewhere where you can make new friends and become your own person."

Meredith is one in a long line of Ambrosians with the last name McAfoos: her mom and dad, an aunt and even her grandmother attended Ambrose. She grew up going to Mass at Christ the King Chapel on campus. Her parents even got married there. But her family's history at Ambrose wasn't the only reason she chose to come here. When she toured the campus, she liked the family atmosphere. She felt at home.

Meredith works in the Admissions Office and is on St. Ambrose's dance team. After she graduates, Meredith wants to teach first or second grade in the Quad Cities.

In his/her own words:

Why St. Ambrose?

I think that the learning atmosphere is good for me. The smaller classes help me focus. I'm not distracted the way I would be in a big lecture hall. Teachers here pay attention to you. They all know you by name. If you get behind in class, or don't understand a topic, they know, and they'll help you catch up.

I went to a small, Catholic high school, so it wasn't hard to adjust at all. It's surprising how many people you know-from freshmen to seniors. You don't just stick to your own class.

What's your favorite class?

Philosophy. Professor Blomgren will get us into heavy discussions. We talk about tough issues, like the Holocaust, and it makes you think. I didn't even mind that it was a night class.

How did you make friends?

There aren't very many people from my high school here, so I knew I would meet all new people. Ambrose is close-knit, but not clique-y. I became best friends with people on the dance team. Next year I'm rooming with one of my teammates.

How do spirituality and religion fit into the campus experience?

On Ash Wednesday, a huge percentage of the student population went to Mass. And that's cool. I like that the chapel is right on campus. My family goes with me to Mass on Sundays.

What do you do for fun?

Around campus, I hang out with my friends. I work out in the gym. We dance at the boys' basketball and football games. The mall's right next to campus, and a little farther away there's the movie theater and plenty of restaurants.

What are your favorite Ambrose traditions?

Tailgating for Homecoming is really fun. The dance team has a cookout before the games at Brady Street to get ready. St. Patrick's Day is another good one. Everyone wears their green t-shirts and hangs out on campus, just having a good time-there are a lot of Irish folks at this school.

What are your residence hall essentials?

A laptop, a TV, a futon and a fridge.



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