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Nick Heuermann

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Peoria, Illinois

Psychology (pre-Occupational Therapy) major
Track team thrower
Intramural softball player
Big Brother

reality big brother

See for yourself

"When I searched for colleges, I didn’t rush into any decisions. You have to feel out your situation. Where can you spread your wings?"

Nick is a student of the entire person-from the inner workings of the brain to the tiny bones in the big toe. He knew he wanted to practice occupational therapy when he worked alongside many OTs at a camp for kids with disabilities. He's also a thrower on the track team, an intramural softball player and a full-fledged member of the Ambrose chapter of the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program.

When Nick explored his college options, he found that Ambrose was just the right fit. He enjoys the personal attention that professors can give when classes are small. That kind of support comes in handy when he's balancing class, friends, family and everything else on his packed calendar.

In his/her own words:

Why St. Ambrose?

I didn't really want to go to a giant school. People come here because it's small and private. There aren't 80 people all competing for attention in your classroom. And our entire campus is about one square mile, so you don't have to walk very far to get anywhere.

Everyone wants to make friends and to make something of their time here. We have a tight-knit community. I became friends with my teammates and the kids I lived with last year. When you see the same people every day, you form natural friendships.

Are you close with any faculty members?

Kirk Kelley, my anatomy teacher, is an amazingly smart guy. He doesn't just read info off of a note card. He breaks up information to tell a story about it, and you can tell that story is real-he's seen it, or experienced it. It's nice to have a teacher who knows what he's talking about.

Are you a good Big Brother?

I hope so! I haven't missed a meeting or event! My Little Brother is 12 years old and we hang out twice a month. The kids love coming to campus, seeing the residence halls, horsing around in the gym and playing games outside. It's great to see all these Ambrose students reaching out to the community.

How have you changed since you came to Ambrose?

I've definitely matured quite a bit. In high school I looked at school as something I had to do. Now I see schoolwork as a way to prove myself. It's less of a job and more of an accomplishment.

How do you pay for school?

I have loans and athletic and academic scholarships. St. Ambrose put together a great package for me. That definitely helps out a ton.

Any advice for first year students?

Take advantage of services like the Student Success Center. You can sign up for a tutor and get as much help as you need. The tutors are easy to get along with because they're your year or a little older.

And Health Services is great! Nurse Nancy took some stitches out of my lip. I'm as good as new.

What's your secret for better campus living?

A mini fridge is a big help.


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