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Tuition & Aid

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west side of Ambrose Hall

Financing a private education might seem daunting, but our students quickly learn that a St. Ambrose education can be affordable (and worth every penny).

With graduation rates higher than large public institutions, not only do our students stay at Ambrose for the duration of their college years, they also graduate faster—allowing them to start their careers sooner.

Think of it as an investment in yourself. Our more personalized environment means you’ll get more individual attention—and more out of your education. And it's not as expensive as you might think. Most often, the cost is offset by financial assistance based on both demonstrated need and merit.

The benefits of Ambrose, for you, lie in our ability to offer:

Tuition costs and housing and meal plan fees

Visit the Financial Aid Office website to get a breakdown of costs.

Financial aid

Ambrose financial aid includes special scholarships, loans, work study, and awards that often combine for sources of support. The Financial Aid Office determines each student's eligibility for need-based support. Our Admissions representatives match students eligible for scholarships, so we encourage you to contact us so we can begin to get to know you. Ambrose also encourages applicants to seek outside scholarships and begin that search early.

Remember: the more aid you apply for, the better the chance you'll receive it.

St. Ambrose's FASFA code is: 001889.

Whats Next

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