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wellness and Recreation


Intramural Sports

Wellness and Recreation offers many opportunities for you to get involved. Events are available:

  1. As individual and team events
  2. In competitive and recreational skill levels
  3. In Men's, Women's, and Co-Rec divisions

All Intramural Sports information, regarding schedule, registration, sport rules, and other information can be found on First, find an IM sport that interests you. Once you've found an event that raises your brow, click on the name of the event. A small window will appear giving you specific information for that event. Information includes: semester the entries are available, the exact days and times you can turn in roster cards, the divisions of play offered for that event, the number of players that can participate (team events list total # allowed on each teams' roster card), the format of play, and a link to view and print the rules for that event.

Simply create an account on, wait to get an email invite from the captain, then join the team! If you would like further information about, click here, or stop in the Wellness and Recreation Office to talk to a Wellness and Recreation personnel or grab an instruction sheet.

Where can team members come from?

Anywhere, as long as they are an SAU student, faculty, staff, or spouse of one! They can come from your residence hall, a classmate, a faculty or staff member, an advisor, or maybe just a friend with whom you want to play.

Want to participate but don't have a team to play on? No problem. Go to, create an account, and sign up as a free agent. Your name will be added to a list that team captains can view to find players for their teams. Team captains are encouraged to contact available players listed and "invite" them to their team. If there are enough free agents to form a team, Wellness and Recreation will create a team of free agents and recruit a free agent to serve as captain of that team.

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IM Leagues

In order to sign up for Intramural Sports, all teams must go to, create a personal account, and sign up your team for the appropriate league/tournament.

To get started, go to the SAU school page:, and then to the Registration Page. It's simple, and will only take you minutes to do, and you can even sign up through your Facebook account!

Once registered, team captains then "invite" (through an IMLeagues generated email request) their team members to participate. All team members MUST have a registered account within to participate. NO EXCEPTIONS. Team rosters are formulated this way, as is the ability to register as a free agent, or select free agents for your team! If you need more information on how to create an account, stop in the Wellness and Recreation office and talk to us or grab an instruction sheet.

You are responsible for formulating your own team for team sports, so ask everyone you know if they'll play a particular sport with you on your team! Rules for each sport are also posted on