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Naples, Fla.

Majors in International Business and Finance and Economics
College of Business senator for the Student Government Association
Member of the Multi-Cultural Affairs Community Action group
Member of the Destination Leadership committee

Advice to Incoming Students

"College is not only about just going crazy. It's about learning, having a good community to live in, and finding people with the same values."

'This is What I Do; I Get Involved'

Born in Haiti and raised in Florida, Wendy Senatus was a bit surprised to discover a world of experience in a small corner of eastern Iowa.

He marvels to remember a World Regions class taught by a professor from Ireland that included students from Ireland, Haiti, France and Lithuania, as well as a Chicagoan born in Mexico and another student with family in the Virgin Islands.

"The class was really diverse, and from the conversations we had and the presentations we did, I learned a lot," Wendy says. "Very cool, very cool class from that aspect. I would recommend anybody to take that class."

St. Ambrose long has encouraged students to see the world through our Study Abroad program, but with international students now a growing segment of our enrollment, there is a world to be seen on campus as well.

"We have a pretty big Center for International Education here," Wendy says. "I get together with all of the students and talk to them to learn about their cultures. The Student Government Association and Multi-Cultural Affairs Community Action group are other great ways I made good friends. This is what I do. I get involved."

In his own words

Can you name a faculty member who challenged you and describe how they helped you through that challenge?

In the College of Business, it is hard to do so, because I feel like all the faculty is willing to help you. They are very smart and they are always teaching you things you should know. They always try to help you, and they have your best interests in mind. However, my advisor, Dr. Patrick O'Leary, also has taught many of my classes. He is one person who I can definitely say helped me to believe in myself and taught me about real life experience. He's a tough professor, but you learn.

Why should parents want their children their children to come to St. Ambrose?

It's a very good school. College is not only about just going crazy. It's about learning, having a good community to live in, and finding people with the same values. You come out with a good network and good alumni base. The teachers are really helpful. St. Ambrose is definitely a school they should put on their list.