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Writing Intensive Courses at St. Ambrose provide our students vital tools and are part of a liberal arts education foundation. Faculty can receive support, guidance and processes about courses that are part of Writing Across the Curriculum.

Course Guidelines

A typical Writing Intensive course should adhere to the following practices and principles (from Educational Policies Committee, 04/13/2004).

  • The recommended enrollment cap for a WI course is 18 students.
  • The WI course contains a significant amount of both formal and informal writing [approximately 6,000 words or 16 standard pages of text]. Discipline and course content determine the actual types of writing completed and the weight given to formal and informal writing.
  • The instructor allows for revision time, inside and/or outside of class, for the formal papers.
  • The instructor is the main respondent to student writing but may direct students to other readers when appropriate. [The readers beyond the instructor may include but are not limited to a classroom peer, a classroom peer group, a peer or peer group beyond the classroom, a tutor in the Student Success Center...].
  • The instructor explains the role writing plays in the discipline during the class as well as in the course syllabus.

The basic objective of the revised WI guidelines is to allow WI instructors greater discretion in providing a proper emphasis on writing in the course. The recommended cap at 18 is intended to encourage adequate time for instructors to provide responses to student papers. It is also hoped that this will encourage the development of more WI courses, especially at the 200-level.

WI designated courses should be reviewed in their respective departments' 5-year program reviews. The Director of Writing will review WI courses with their instructors at the end of the semester the courses are taught.

 Fall 2017 Courses

+ denotes course satisfies a General Education requirement

Course NameCourse TitleFaculty
ACCT 303M Intermediate Accounting III Ambrose, Allison
ACCT 300A Intermediate Accounting I Ambrose, Allison
+AH 343 The Medieval World Switzer, Terri
+AH 347 19th Century Art Switzer, Terri
AH 451 Capstone Research Experience Switzer, Terri
ART 410 Graphic Design III Anderson, Kathryn
ART 430 Painting III Quinn, Kristin
BIOL 300 Biological Literature and Communication Raddant, Ann
COMM 230 Media Writing Preston, Ann
COMM 306 Group Dynamics and Methods of Decision-Making Stevens, Mary
COMM 331 Advanced Media Writing Sivell, Alan
CSCI 435 A Legal and Ethical Issues in Computing Monnard, Gary
CRJU 407A Seminar in Criminal Justice Pizzini, Nicole
EDUC 301A History and Philosophy of Education Robertson, Richard
EDUC 301B History and Philosophy of Education Robertson, Richard
EDUC 301M History and Philosophy of Education Robertson, Richard
EDUC 309A Educational Psychology: Tests and Measurements Blesz, Dale
EDUC 309B Educational Psychology: Tests and Measurements Blesz, Dale
ENGL 218A Technical Writing Schaefer, Lindsay
ENGL 219A Introduction to Literary Study Connelly, Patrick
+ENGL-303A Shakespeare Hayes, Nancy
ENGL 315A Written Business Communication Dennis, Sarah
ENGL 316A Expository Writing Workshop Herzig, Carl
+ENGL 319A Writing About Place Connelly, Patrick
ENGL 401A Senior Seminar Herzig, Carl
HIST 410A Capstone Research Experience Manning, Keri
HON 301A The Symposium Strzepek, Katy
IE 490A Industrial Engineering Senior Design Seminar Opar, Michael
KIN 340A Nutrition Concepts Bibens, Michelle
KIN 340B Nutrition Concepts Bibens, Michelle
KIN 340C Nutrition Concepts Eikleberry, Sarah
KIN 366A Applied Exercise Physiology Staff
KIN 390A Exercise Physiology Staff
KIN 390B Exercise Physiology Lund, Sandra
MATH 395A Seminar in Mathematics Volkova, Tanya
MGMT 325-1 Leadership in Organizations O'Connell, David
MGMT 325A Leadership in Organizations O'Connell, David
MGMT 449-2 Strategic Management and Policy Pillutla, Arun
MGMT 449A Strategic Management and Policy Su, Chi-Ting
MGMT 449B Strategic Management and Policy Su, Chi-Ting
NURS 326-2 Applied Health Assessment Across the Lifespan Atzen, Jennifer
NURS 440A Evidence-Based Practice Robnett, Michelle
NURS 440B Evidence-Based Practice Miller, Juleann
NURS 440C Evidence-Based Practice Robnett, Michelle
NURS 485A Professional Nursing Capstone Kilen, Kathryn
NURS 485B Professional Nursing Capstone Robnett, Michelle
+PHIL 375M Existentialism Blomgren, Richard
PHIL 495M Senior Seminar Randle, Tanya
PSCI 365-1 Political, Civic and Community Leadership Parsons, William
PSCI 400A Research in Political Science Kim, Duk
PSYC 312A Women and Aging Trujillo, Kathleen
PSYC 342A Theories of Counseling Correa Kaiser, Judy
PSYC 342M Theories of Counseling Prichard, Miriam
PSYC 404A Advanced Experimental Design and Analysis DeVolder, Carol
SOC 301A Sociological Theory Archer, Patrick
+THEO 341A History of Christianity: Early and Medieval Robert, Grant
+THTR 210 Survey of American Film Hare, Louis
+THTR 316 Survey of Current and Dramatic Literature Johnson, Corinne
WGS 390A Women and Gender Studies Minor Seminar Strzepek, Katy
WGS 405A Women and Gender Studies Major Seminar Strzepek, Katy