Legacy Giving

Plant the seeds and leave a lasting legacy

Including St. Ambrose University in your estate plan is a simple, yet powerful, way to invest in the University's future.

When you make a planned gift-of any size-you help strengthen the Ambrose experience for future generations of students. You can enhance campus priorities that have personal meaning to you, such as scholarships, student-faculty research, the fine arts, campus ministry or athletics. Or you can make an unrestricted gift that enables St. Ambrose to best address its future needs. Whatever your commitment, your personal legacy will live on at St. Ambrose.

Leave a legacy gift. Plant the seeds for future generations.

Learn how to create your philanthropic legacy for future Ambrosians



Investment Income

Endowed funds provide investment income for the University to meet daily and one-time needs such as facilities improvements or emergency repairs. St. Ambrose has a policy of not spending endowment earnings to meet daily operating needs, which allowed us to weather the recent economic downturn without cutting operations as many other colleges and universities did. As of  6/30/17 our endowment fund was $139,837,571.

The majority of St. Ambrose's endowed funds are in scholarships and provide steady financial aid for students to offset tuition. Because endowed funds are invested and only the interest is spent, they provide a reliable, steady source of income in perpetuity. Of our 113 endowed scholarships 57 have been funded with current gifts (or are in the process of being funded) and 18 are funded through future estate commitments.

We'd be happy to answer your questions about establishing your legacy with an endowed scholarship!


Bishop McMullen Legacy Circle

Established in 1978 to recognize individuals who have included the University in their estate plans, or who have made major commitments to endowment growth.

Today, membership in the Bishop McMullen Legacy Circle recognizes donors who give gifts of $5,000 or more to the Endowment Fund, or who notify St. Ambrose of their intentions to make provisions for the University in their estate plans.

Such provisions may include bequests, trusts, life insurance policies, annuities, securities, gifts of property, or other methods of planned giving.


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