Building Our Future

Largest, Single capital project in school history

We're in the home stretch of our campaign for the much needed and long awaited Wellness and Recreation Center!

This is the largest single capital project in the school's history and we need your help to reach our $18.5 million goal. Step up and make a gift today!

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Help us reach our goal of $18.5 million

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News and Events

Blessing and Dedication

The blessing and dedication of the new Wellness and Recreation Center was Friday, September 29 (Homecoming weekend). Check out the latest WRC video timeline here!

Updates on campaign events and other items of interest:

  • Video report on the groundbreaking and building
  • Photos on Flickr of the groundbreaking

Wellness and Recreation Center
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New facilities provide exercise and activity space for the general student population, lab space for some of the University's health and wellness-related academic programs, and much-needed practice space for student-athletes who participate in the University’s 27 varsity sports.

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Go All In For Ambrose!

The WRC is the largest single capital project undertaken, and we ask you to participate as fully as you are able to help us reach our $18.5 million goal.

Gifts of $1,250 and above (which can be paid over a period of five years) will be recognized on a donor wall in the main lobby of the new building.We hope you, too, will choose to be ALL IN FOR AMBROSE!

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Donor Testimonials

These are testimonials from donors who support the construction of the Wellness and Recreation Center, the priority project of the Building our Future campaign.

"When I was at St. Ambrose in the early 80s, I did everything that I could - the Student Union, SGA, Residence Hall advisor, club leader...I was Barney the Bee! I got involved in everything because these were such opportunities. The Ambrose experience then, and now, is much more than academics. All of those activities launched my life. At that time, there wasn't very much in the way of buildings and facilities. The school didn't have money to build a gymnasium, but we really needed that facility. A lot of people gave money to build the PE Center. Alumni gave for the benefit of others, people gave to help me. I hope others will give because they've enjoyed the benefits of other who gave before them. That's what we need to do to keep St. Ambrose strong."

"I decided to make a pledge to name an office to honor the memory of my wife Stacy. At first I thought I couldn't do it, but it's a pledge that I do just like my house's just part of my life because it's important to me. It's going to take me a while, but I know what I'm doing is making something better for St. Ambrose."
Frank Mallerdino ‘84

"Along with my degree and life-long friendships, perspective is what was forged the most in my time at St. Ambrose. St. Ambrose taught me how to think on my own without limitations and boundaries. Now, not being a college-level athlete or actually an athlete at all, I never gave much thought to exercise or physical health. This is where the perspective comes in. As a parent of children who play multiple sports I think how amazing it would have been to have a rec center to enjoy with friends and grow my health as well as my mind. I know that in a few years, when my children begin looking for colleges, we will be looking for an institution that has the world to offer not just in text and teachers, but also in health of body and spirit. As a proud alumna I feel like my donation to a new rec center will help keep St. Ambrose the leader in all areas, the leader it has always been – and with our help always will be."
Andrea Haga ‘98

From other members of the Campaign

"I have been proud to work with St. Ambrose over the years in the leadership of US Bank. The impact the University has made on our community is just a small part of my respect for St. Ambrose. In all my dealings the institution has prioritized the student. And that is why this new Wellness & Recreation Center is so important - because of the health and needs of the students. I am pleased to volunteer my time to help rally support for this project from the businesses of the Quad Cities who benefit from such a strong institution being in our community."
Ken Koupal
Regional President/CEO, US Bank
Co-Chair, Corporate Campaign

"Pope Francis has written that 'people who work must take the time to relax, to be with their families, to enjoy themselves, read, listen to music, play a sport.' Our students have many outlets for recreation but for many years the recreational sports facilities on campus have been inadequate. This new Wellness and Recreation Center will provide opportunities for the necessary change of pace that will round out their daily lives, strengthen their bodies and enliven their spirits. Clergy will remember the positive impact of daily recreation that was built into our seminary schedules. I hope you can help provide that opportunity for our students to 'take the time to relax.'"
Fr. George McDaniel
Co-Chair, Clergy Campaign

"One of the most sought-after buildings from the students' viewpoint has been a Wellness and Recreation Center. This is also something that prospective students are looking for when they visit the campus, and that is why this is the top priority of the campaign. It is more important at this time than the renovation of Ambrose Hall, a future football field, track and stadium, increasing the endowment, and other needs. I have made a personal gift toward the building of the wellness and recreation center during the beginning stages of the major gift solicitation. And I now ask and encourage you to consider a personal gift toward this goal when you are approached by one of your fellow priests and SAU alums."
Monsignor John Hyland
Co-chair, Clergy Campaign

"Prospective students of today are looking for better facilities, particularly in regard to their personal wellness, as they make campus visits. While Lee Lohman Arena has served well for many years, it's clear that it no longer compares to facilities of similarly sized private colleges and universities.
I see this present campaign as one piece of the larger puzzle in making an institution that is close to many of our hearts into an even greater place where young people can encounter the Lord and be formed in body, mind and spirit."
Fr. Thom Hennen
Clergy Campaign Committee Member

"We are passionate about the wellness and recreation center for a number of reasons. SAU excels in many areas of academia, as well as others. Wellness is a huge topic on everyone's mind; we believe schools must be likewise and provide great wellness facilities for their students to start life-long wellness patterns."
Rev. Kevin '81 DO and Mary '81 Emge
Co-Chairs, Legacy Parent Campaign

"Throughout my years at St. Ambrose, I have given to many projects because I want to support the community that has so enriched my life and has given me a meaningful career. I particularly support this project because it provides to both employees and students accessibility to fitness, which is so important for having a holistically healthy lifestyle."
Allison Ambrose
Associate Dean, School of Business; Professor of Accounting; Faculty and Staff Campaign Co-Chair

"Cathy and I have had the opportunity to see first-hand how every new building or renovation has impacted the lives and education of our students, and more personally through the education and life on campus experienced by our sons. The strength of St. Ambrose University is that it continues to respond to the needs of current and future Ambrosians, and we are proud to support those efforts."
Jim Hannon '84
Director, SAU Physical Plant and Faculty and Staff Campaign Co-Chair

"I support the Building our Future campaign because I feel strongly about the role St. Ambrose has played in my life, and I believe in giving back. There is no more important priority right now than the building of a new Wellness & Recreation Center. It will benefit the entire campus community and be a vital asset when recruiting future generations of students."
Joe O'Rourke, Sr., '72
Member, SAU Board of Trustees

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