Alexis Murphy - KIN Student Profile


Winter 2017 Kinesiology Newsletter

Alexis graduated in December 2017 with a BS in Human Performance and Fitness. She is from Overland Park, Kansas.

Tell us about some of the professional opportunities that have presented themselves while you've attended SAU. How will you use those?
I was able to have an internship at Genesis Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation center through St. Ambrose for my major's internship class. Through this opportunity I was able to shadow at the hospital's cardiac diagnostic imaging office since I want to go on and become a cardiac sonographer after I graduate. The director of the office knew my plan and contacted me to his friend who is in charge of the Scott Community College cardiac sonography program. From there I was accepted and am now planning to start the program this January. If it wasn't for my internship through Ambrose I would not have been able to shadow at Genesis and make the connections I did.

What was a defining moment or very memorable experience you had as a student in the Department of Kinesiology?
A memorable experience I have had as a student in the kinesiology department would be all the different labs and hand on experience I got to take part in weekly in classes.

If it wasn't for my internship through Ambrose I would not have been able to shadow at Genesis and make the connections I did.

Alexis Murphy

What drew you initially to our department? Has that motivation changed over the course of the four years you've been at St. Ambrose?
Initially what drew me to this department were the class subjects and my own personal goals. I knew I wanted to go into cardiac sonography and I needed some sort of kinesiology background. My motivation and love for this department has only grown these past four years. Getting to form close relationships with classmates and my professors have made the tough classes easier and more enjoyable.

What advice might you give to a prospective student considering the Department of Kinesiology at St. Ambrose?
My advice for a prospective student considering the kinesiology department would be to really learn time management because focus and good study habits are necessary for these courses. I would also recommend getting to know your classmates from the beginning because they will be with you every step of the way. As well as your professors: never be scared to ask questions.

What advice might you give to someone just starting the bulk of their required departmental course-work?
My advice for someone just starting the bulk of their required departmental coursework would be to understand that the classes get more difficult and require more time and effort from you, but they are also more enjoyable in the sense that you're learning hopefully what you are interested in. The material gets very interesting, you just need to stay on top of things and always ask questions if you don't understand a concept.

How did your affiliation with St. Ambrose help you in your job search or graduate school search?
If I hadn't been an HPF major and not needed to have an internship through St. Ambrose I would not have an acceptance for cardiac sonography school this January right now. St. Ambrose really helps you get your foot through the door. My professors helped guide me along to reach my future goals as much as possible. I feel ready and confident in my next chapter of life because of my classes and years here at SAU and being a part of the Kinesiology Department.

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