Brandon Peiffer

Lifelong Learning Is My Ambrosian Value

Bachelor of Arts in French, Class of 2015

“I learned from the diverse community of ideas that Ambrose presents. I think I grew up most when I studied abroad and learned to really fend for myself. Then coming back I was able to share my experiences with the community.”

When Brandon talks of his Ambrosian experience, a few common themes emerge: Discovery. Diversity. Opportunities. Growth. And, he is the first to say his SAU education and experience was beneficial, as a student and now as a professional.

Current Position: Finance Analyst at Deere & Company

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How did SAU prepare you for your current career?


“I got diverse experiences and spent time with diverse people. While I was an RA, I interacted with people I normally would not have. I learned how to read people and understand that not all people share the same view.” Your time at SAU should be a time of discovery, and we are a community of diverse learners. Students, faculty, and staff openly share their knowledge and life experiences in class, in the cafeteria, on the playing court, on the stage, and in the audience. Our focus on the Liberal Arts and social justice commonly lead to personal growth, because it expands your world and worldview.

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How did you fill your time at SAU?

"I had a job on campus, a job off-campus, I was a full-time student and an RA. Yes, it was difficult sometimes, but it was very rewarding." Brandon says. "I was involved in so much while earning my degree, and I believe it really helped me build the work ethic I have today."

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Brandon Peiffer and friends

What about SAU made your college education worthwhile?

"My study abroad experience has helped me in my personal life and career,” Brandon says. Immersing yourself in a different culture is one of the best ways to learn about the world and yourself. We encourage all of our students to study abroad and will help coordinate your educational adventure. If you plan ahead, study abroad can be quite affordable, and it is a great investment in your future.

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At SAU, we offer more than 60 undergraduate programs and encourage you to cater your education to your goals. Our students enjoy a dynamic campus life, study abroad and service opportunities, as well as some of the nicest residence halls in the Midwest. Learn more about what it means to be an Ambrosian.

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