College of Health and Human Services

Apply your talent to real-life experiences

St. Ambrose University's College of Health and Human Services offers a variety of programs leading to careers in education, health care, physical fitness, and human services.

In addition to academic excellence, our college focuses on community-based service learning. Our students have the opportunity not only to interact with highly-qualified, well-respected faculty in the classroom, but also participate in a wide variety of experiential learning opportunities such as student teaching, field work, and internships as well as community service projects.

The key to your successful college experience lies in finding an environment in which to apply your talent in real-life experiences. We are here to make it possible.

Institute for Person-Centered Care Accreditation

Above National Norms


of our occupational therapy graduates pass their board exam

For several consecutive years, 100% of our Occupational Therapy graduates passed the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy on their first try. The national pass percentage is 85% (2016 data).

Success in Testing & Employment


DPT Licensure Pass Rate

Our competitive Physical Therapy program is one of the best in the country, with 100% employment and licensure pass rate over the past several years.

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students in learning lab

Interprofessional Education

Provided through teaching and events

Students in programs within the College of Health and Human Services experience a level of education that sets it apart from other institutions.

Interprofessional education is a key component of all health sciences programs that allows students to gain knowledge outside their primary field of study. 

Here are some of what's offered at SAU:

Co-Curricular Events

  • Interprofessional Day (held twice per year)
    Disciplines include Social Work, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech-Language Pathology, Physician Assistants, and Early Childhood Education. Students study rehabilitation-based cases in the fall and school-based pediatric cases in the spring. The Philosophy Department introduces an ethics component.
  • TeamSTEPPS
    Taught by faculty in Nursing, OT, PT where students learn team building skills, communication, and interprofessional collaboration to improve safety of service
  • Interprofessional Clinic – Student-run
    Underserved populations visit this clinic and are treated by OT, PT, social work, and speech-language pathology students (with the presence of faculty). Students conduct a joint assessment, intervention planning, and electronic documentation.
  • Jim's Place – Assistive Technology
    The Occupational Therapy program's AT Lab provides students learning opportunities and serves clinicians and clients in the community.


  • Joint teaching occurs between PT/OT in lymphedema; PT/PA in a research course; PA/Master in Exercise Physiology; Study Abroad in Ecuador with OT/SLP/SW and Teacher Education.
  • Students teach other students in PT/Nursing Boot Camp; Theatre students volunteer as patients with certain diagnoses for PA students; and student leaders from various health sciences clubs organize learning and social opportunities
  • CHHS Faculty present their current research at an annual colloquium 

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OT lab

Interprofessional Health Clinic

Provides student-led interprofessional healthcare services to underserved populations with a focus on compassionate care, empowerment of the individual, management of health conditions, and overall wellness.

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Our Programs


CHHS students, faculty and alumni are well-prepared to address the real-life challenges people face at home, at school, in the workplace, and in the community. The interdisciplinary and collaborative nature of the College promotes innovative ways of examining issues, asking questions and seeking solutions to complex problems.

About the College

Mission, Vision, and Beliefs

Mission Statement

The College of Health and Human Services prepares exemplary professionals through innovative programs in the health sciences, human services, and education. We are committed to excellence in teaching, scholarship, and collaboration through interdisciplinary and community-based partnerships.

Statement of Beliefs

We believe that all members of the College must

  • respect the inherent worth, dignity and human rights of all individuals
  • maintain compassionate, respectful, and caring relationships with colleagues and others
  • embrace life-long learning in a diverse and global society
  • utilize their knowledge and skills to serve the common good and conduct themselves in a manner consistent with their profession's standards, competencies, and ethics

Vision Statement

The CHHS will be valued for preparing creative and critically thinking professionals who are recognized as leaders in their field and advocates for social justice in their communities.


Sandra Cassady, PhD, Dean

College of Health and Human Services
Center for Health Sciences Education
1320 W. Lombard
Davenport, IA 52803

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