Faculty Honor Roll Spring 2019


On top of a full semester of teaching and advising, faculty and staff also completed research, presented at conferences, and made other scholarly and professional contributions. Here are some of those accomplishments from Spring 2019 (in alpha-order).

Johny Augustine (Social Work) co-authored "Disaster preparedness among households in the Badakhshan Province in Afghanistan: A baseline study." The article was published in Asian Social Work and Policy Review (April 2019).

Mike Cipriano (Accounting) supervised Accounting students (and Spring 2019 graduates) Darien Dowell and Nick Foster in establishing nonprofit status for Food for Thought, a hunger-mitigating organization founded by "yo-yo man" Scott Searle.

Ken Colwell (Communication and KALA Radio) was a featured guest interview in the February 1 edition of Radio World Magazine. The article discussed his piece on "Trends in Transmitter Design" which was published recently by Radio World as an eBook.

Nick Enz (Music) presented a paper at the Internationale Gesellschaft zur Erforschung und Förderung der Blasmusik (International Society for Research and Promotion of Wind Music) Conference in Wadgassen, Germany. The paper was titled "An Examination of the Band Works Nominated for the Grawemeyer Award for Music Composition and Factors Influencing the Likelihood a Band Work Will Win the Grawemeyer Award (2015)" which was first written as Dr. Enz's doctoral thesis. Dr. Enz also traveled to Ireland with his SAU Symphonic Band for performances in Kilkenny, Cork, Waterford, and Dublin. Of note, the band was invited to perform May 19 with the bands of the Royal Irish Academy of Music.

Janene Finley (Accounting) wrote "Reforming the Charitable Contribution Tax Deduction: Accounting for Random Acts of Charity," an article that will appear in a forthcoming issue of William & Mary Business Law Review.

A published study of board members serving health centers – completed by Kristi Law (Social Work) and another social work colleague – was featured in the March 2019 National Social Work Month listing of curated articles. Dr. Law's article, "A Population Health Approach to Clinical Social Work with Complex Patients in Primary Care," first appeared in Health and Social Work (Feb. 2016).

Marian Lee (Music) will perform June 2 in the Iowa Music Teachers Association's All-Star Recital at Graceland University, Lamoni, Iowa.

The Experience of Injustice: A Theory of Recognition (February 2019) by Emmanuel Renault was translated from French to English by Richard A. Lynch (Philosophy).

The University of Northern Iowa presented Kim Matteson (Career Center) with the Post Secondary IDEAL Award in May. The award is given annually to an alumnus of the UNI Postsecondary Education: Student Affairs program who has demonstrated exemplary achievement in the field of student affairs.

Robert Mitchell (Physics) was lead author of "Comparing Spectroscopic Distance Calculations of Different Supernova Types," an article that appeared in the January 2019 edition of American Astronomical Society.

Nora Riley (Physical Therapy) was elected as Academy Treasurer to the Board of Directors for the Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy.

Tadd Ruetenik (Philosophy) wrote "Victim Blaming and Victim-Blaming Shaming" for the January 2019 edition of the International Journal of Philosophy of Culture and Axiology. In July, Dr. Ruetenik will present his paper, "The Many Faces of Globalism: Gloria Anzaldúa and the Herida Abierta of Colonialism" at the International Society for the Study of European Ideas (ISSEI) Conference at the University of Zaragoza, Zaragoza, Spain.

Melissa Sharer (Master of Public Health) was a featured speaker in April at a Congressional reception for World Health Worker Week.

Shane Soboroff (Sociology) co-authored two articles: "Military Leadership and the Effective Use of Power and Influence" appeared in Volume 13, Chapter 3 of Knowing to Doing, published by the International Military Leadership Association Workshop; "Social Status and the Effects of Legal Gun Possession on Campus Cohesion" was printed in the Journal of Criminal Justice Education, December 2018 edition. Dr. Soboroff also co-authored the chapter "Systematic Experimentation on Social Problems" in the forthcoming book Researching Social Problems (July 2019, Taylor and Francis Group). And at the Midwest Sociological Society's annual meeting in Chicago this past April, Dr. Soboroff co-presented "Effects of Social Status on Perceptions of Newcomers: A Test of Jasso's Social Comparison Theory."

During her sabbatical, Susa Stonedahl (Physics) conducted fieldwork downstream of a waste water treatment plant near Barcelona, Spain, and gave seminars at the Universidad de Barcelona (April) and Ohio State University (May). She also gave a presentation, "Investigation of Fine Particle Transport, Deposition, and Resuspension between Surface Water and Sediments in an Immobile Sand System," at the European Geosciences Union's General Assembly in Vienna, Austria. With her students, Dr. Stonedahl co-authored "Analyzing and Designing an Arduino Controlled System to Study the Effect of Changing Water Levels on Water Flow Through Sediments " in the International Journal of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities.

Terri Switzer (Art History) wrote the chapter "Nationalism and Myth of Hungarian Origin: Attila and Árpád" in Wiley-Blackwell's September 2018 volume, A Companion to Nineteenth-Century Art.

John Thompson (Social Work) co-authored the book Human Behavior Theory for Social Work Practice (2019), published by SAGE Publications.

Grant Tietjen (Criminal Justice) wrote "Convict Criminology: Learning from the Past, Confronting the Present, Expanding for the Future," an article that appeared in the March 2019 issue of Convict Criminology. Dr. Tietjen will be a panelist this summer for the Convict Criminology for the Future conference in Padua, Italy.

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