First Year Focus: Sam Lange


Hometown: East Dubuque, Illinois
Major: Elementary Education; Minor in Theatre

When did you start doing theatre? Why did you decide to continue pursuing it at Ambrose?
I started doing actual theatre when I was around 10-years-old. I did skits for my choir class, and that is how I fell in love. I continued theatre at Ambrose because I want to direct theatre at schools after teaching at the elementary level.

Why did you choose St. Ambrose?
I chose St. Ambrose because it is the perfect size in which I can do lots of things. I also chose it because of the great Theatre and Education programs they offer.

What is your favorite class this semester?
Survey of Theatre because we talk about theatre the entire class. I get to learn a lot about backstage and things that happen all around the theatre and world from the wonderful Kris Eitrheim.

What would your dream role be?
Phantom in The Phantom of the Opera

What are some theatre productions you have been a part of in the past?
Honk!, Little Mermaid, Seussical the Musical, Villain School and Game of Tiaras

What is your favorite show, and why?
Phantom of the Opera because it was the first big musical I saw and was what showed me my love for everything theatre.

What would your dream job be?
My dream job would be to teach second grade. I would teach with another teacher in the same classroom, and there would be children with and without disabilities in the same classroom for almost the entire day. I would also like to direct at the high-school level.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.
I have more than 25 bow ties that are all different, and one is homemade out of wood!

sam lange with grandparents

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