Honors Program

Join our group of scholars: a small, tight-knit community of students eager to learn, with a strong work ethic and keen interest in being pushed intellectually.

Start off the program with wide-ranging, interdisciplinary discussions in the Honors core courses. Later, each student will have the opportunity to work with a faculty member to develop a research project or scholarly activity. The balance between interdisciplinary discussions and creating a project in your field of study is invaluable preparation for academic work beyond an undergraduate degree.

Honors Brochure (pdf)

Honors Foundation – First-Year Students Honors Research Experience – Upper Division Students

The Impact of Honors


"Honors helped me achieve things I didn’t think I was capable of doing. The process has helped me grow academically, professionally and personally. As a social work major, I was able to explore more about a topic I am passionate about. I feel confident in my ability to pursue research." –Rachel Schnack '21


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Friendships. Connections. Rewarding. Unique. These some of the words current Honors students used to describe our program, and we'd love to have you in our community to find out for yourself!

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Benefits of the SAU Honors Program

  • Unique research opportunities with faculty
  • Excellent preparation for graduate school
  • Engaging and scholarly academic culture
  • Appreciation of different perspectives
  • Hone and enhance your critical thinking skills
  • Increased breadth, depth, and coherence of study
  • Social excursions such as trips and community service

Not Just a Program

Honors Community

It's true that Honors students are committed to excelling in college. It's also true that being part of the SAU Honors Program gives you a community all your own.


About Honors Courses

SAU Honors courses are interdisciplinary and provide opportunities to explore topics from myriad viewpoints while bringing together students and faculty from diverse disciplines to investigate some of the big questions at the center of who and what we are. 

The small size of Honors classes promotes a supportive atmosphere and encourages ongoing and significant discussion between students and their instructors. Honors classes are also consistently interesting.

The structure of the Honors Program is set up for gradual exposure to more difficult material. 

See each page for specific course information: Honors Foundation (First-Year students) or Honors Research Experience (transfer and upperclass students)


Marianne Fenn, PhD & Tanya Randle, PhD

Honors Program
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