Julie Jenks Kettmann

Associate Professor

Dr. Kettmann teaches courses related to research in psychology, child and adolescent development, and working from a psychological perspective with youth and crime victims in the criminal justice system.

Dr. Kettmann is a Licensed Psychologist and Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Iowa. She incorporates her clinical experience and knowledge from psychotherapy and assessment work with children, teens, and adults into classroom lectures, discussions, and activities with students.

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Education and Training

  • PhD, University of Iowa, Counseling Psychology
  • MEd, Loyola University, Community Counseling
  • BA, Loras College, Psychology & Spanish


Davis-Gage, D., Kettmann, J. J. and Moel, J. (2010), Developmental Transition of Motherhood: Treating Postpartum Depression Using a Feminist Approach. Adultspan Journal, 9: 117-126. doi:10.1002/j.2161-0029.2010.tb00076

Westefeld, J. S., Range, L., Greenfeld, J. M., & Kettman, J. J. (2008). Testing and assessment. Suicide among racial and ethnic minority groups: Theory, research, and practice, 229-253.

Westefeld, J.S., Range, L., Jenks Kettmann, J., & Greenfeld, J. (2008). Assessing suicide risk in multicultural populations. In F. Leong & M. Leach (Eds.), Suicide among racial and ethnic groups: Theory, research, and practice. Brunner-Routledge.

Jenks Kettmann, J. (2008). Insights into interviewing and relating to children in the court system. Invited by Scott County Juvenile Justice Department to present training to judges, child advocates, detectives, and attorneys on ways to appropriately interview children.

Jenks Kettmann, J. & Altmaier, E.M. (2008). Social Support and Depression among Bone Marrow Transplant Patients. Journal of Health Psychology, 13, 39-46.

Madson, M. B., Hasan, N. T., Williams-Nickelson, C., Kettmann, J. J., Van Sickle, K.S. (2007). The internship supply and demand issue: Graduate students' perspective. Training and Education in Professional Psychology, 1, 249-257.

Jenks Kettmann, J. (2007). Successfully navigating the psychology internship application process: The view of an intern. In B. Hall (Chair), Meet the Decision Makers: Internship Panel and Social. Symposium conducted at the American Psychological Association annual convention, San Francisco, California.

Jenks Kettmann, J. (2007). Are we reaching a crisis? Internship Supply and Demand from the APAGS Perspective. In M. Field (Chair), A Forum on Internship Training Issues: Preparation, Developing Competencies, and Supply and Demand. Symposium conducted at the American Psychological Association annual convention, San Francisco, California.

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Westefeld, J.S., Jenks Kettmann, J.D., Lovmo, C., and Hey, C. (2007). High school suicide: Knowledge and opinions of teachers. Journal of Loss and Trauma, 12, 31-42. (second authorship shared equally)

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More About Dr. Kettmann

Courses Taught

PSYC 105 Introduction to Psychology
PSYC 215 Research Methods
PSYC 305 Life-Span Development
PSYC 327 Psychology and Treatment of the Juvenile Offender
PSYC 328 Psychology and Treatment of the Crime Victim
PSYC 384 Advanced Child & Adolescent Development
PSCY 494 Research Practicum, Independent Study

Other Professional Roles

Licensed Psychologist, Psychology Health Group, Davenport, Iowa

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