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Myles Hudson

Community Is My Ambrosian Value

BA, Forensic Psychology and Criminal Justice, Class of 2023

"I am very confident my St. Ambrose degree will pay for itself in the long run."

When it comes to his goals, Myles never stops. All the time and effort he put into volleyball caught the attention of several college recruiters who offered scholarships. But Myles wanted to attend a university where his efforts would be matched and valued – both in the classroom and on the court – and by a campus invested in his success. His choice was St. Ambrose. The athletic and academic scholarships we provide Myles made a private university education an affordable option. That is our goal for every student, and like Myles, we never stop.

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The Value of Academics?

Head Start

It's common for SAU undergraduates to double – even triple major – and graduate in four years. Multiple majors strengthen the value of your education and the value you bring employers. So to build on his criminal justice background, Myles added forensic psychology as a second major – only one of 15 forensic programs in the nation. His goal is to work for the FBI or as an attorney. "It's a professional head start, and I am all about putting in the work to get ahead!"


The Value of Support?

Help with the financial aid process starts with your admissions adviser, but at St. Ambrose, that assistance never ends. Rather, it evolves. "At one time I tried to look for scholarships on my own," Myles says. He reached out to the Financial Aid Office, "and they quickly responded with work study hours and a few scholarships I qualified for but I just needed to apply. Help like that is really beneficial and is why I love SAU."

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The Value of an SAU experience?

Spend an afternoon raking leaves for campus neighbors or volunteering at the food bank. Stand with your peers at a Take Back the Night Rally or in the stands cheering for the Fighting Bees. Discuss the true meaning of social justice with a professor, and listen – really listen – as a classmate describes an experience you've never had, or even comprehended. Here, education transcends a textbook and it changes you. "It's a tight-knit community where everyone is looking out for you. I've had multiple conversations with professors, coaches, teammates, and friends that helped me narrow down what I want to do in life."

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The Value of a St. Ambrose Education


A St. Ambrose education encompasses support, community, personal growth, and academics. This valuable, well-rounded degree forms a firm foundation – personally and professionally. "I am very confident that the degree I get from SAU will pay for itself in the long run. Even if I don't go down a law track or FBI track, I know I will find a job or a field in which I will use my education and I will be successful!"


So, what's next?

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