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Patrick Schmadeke

Service Is My Ambrosian Value

Bachelor of Arts in Management and Theology, Class of 2013

"I found SAU to be deeply mission centered - this was essential to the quality of my experience. Being involved in Student Government, Residential Life, the football team, the Student Success Center, and Campus Ministry gave me a well-rounded set of experiences that helped me grow."

SAU offers a whole person education, which is exactly what Patrick was seeking.

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How did you grow at SAU?

We gave Patrick opportunities to grow spiritually, intellectually, and communally. Here, he was able to ground his faith in everyday life through our Catholicity and Campus Ministry activities. "I grew intellectually through classroom rigor, the small-class environment, and professors who cared and wanted to see me grow. And, the sense of community at St. Ambrose creates relationships of mutual support. One gets caught up in the energy of the SAU community and is formed by it. It was the best place for me to grow as a young adult."

Ambrosian Values

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How were you involved at SAU, and how has that changed you?

Patrick found many ways to fill his free time. He was a member of the football team and got involved in Student Government, Residential Life, the Student Success Center, and Campus Ministry. "I was really able to grow out of my shell at St. Ambrose. The small campus environment, coupled with the great sense of community, engendered this growth and would not have happened had I attended a large university," he says.

Clubs and Organizations

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How did SAU prepare you for graduate studies?

Patrick is a graduate student in the Master of Divinity program at the University of Notre Dame. "St. Ambrose prepared me to pursue this degree, and the work that will follow, by providing an environment that integrates the whole person in working towards the common good by seeking creative solutions to important challenges." We offer an education rooted in the Liberal Arts and the Catholic Intellectual Tradition, which means we value inquiry, discussion, diversity, critical thinking, and service.

A Value-Based Education

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Why Choose Our Business Management and Theology Programs?

Personal & Professional Preparation

At SAU, you can cater your degree to your interests and professional goals. We offer more than 60 undergraduate programs and encourage discovery. "The flexibility of studies at St. Ambrose allowed me to try several different majors to see what worked best for me. I landed on Business Management because I wanted a broader business education that I could apply to whatever work followed my time at St. Ambrose. I added a second major in Theology because the material was so engaging. I am naturally drawn to ask the difficult questions of faith, and the theology classes were an excellent place to pursue these interests."

Undergraduate Programs

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