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Promotion, Tenure, and Standards

The PTS committee is a standing committee of the Faculty Assembly. It deals with promotions, non-reappointments, reappointments, granting of tenure, and all policy matters relating to professional standards and ethics.

2016-2017 PTS Committee Members

College of Arts and Sciences

  • Fr. Joe DeFrancisco (FA16-SP19)
  • Andy Kaiser (FA14-SP17), Chair
  • Mike Opar (FA15-SP18), Chris Barnum (SP17 only)
  • Bill Parsons (FA16-SP19)

College of Health and Human Sciences

  • Bryan Ballantyne (FA16-SP19)
  • Penny Cremeens (FA16-SP19)
  • Juleann Miller (FA15-SP18), Lynn Killburg (SP17 only)
  • Jill Schmidt (FA15-SP16)

College of Business

  • Monica Forret (FA15-SP18)
  • Arun Pillutla (FA15-SP17)

Other members

  • Paul C. Koch, VPASA - Ex officio (votes in tie)