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If you want to spark change in individuals, families, communities, and organizations, we'll give you the skills to be an effective advocate and facilitate goals for your clients.

The School of Social Work at St. Ambrose University offers a BSW Dual Degree, an MSW, and the only MSW-MBA program in Iowa. Click below to learn more!

BSW Dual Degree

Master of Social Work

MSW-MBA Fact Sheet (pdf)

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Ambrose Advantages

  • Focus on Empowerment, Social Justice, and Advocacy
  • Skills to Work With Individuals, Families, Communities & Organizations
  • 400+ Agencies For Field Placement

Photo of a MSW student in class

Professor Kristi Law

Photo of MSW student in class

The Empowerment Method

Focusing on achieving goals and changing systems

In the past 20 years, we've educated more than 500 students in the Empowerment Method who are now actively helping individuals, families, communities, and society.

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Empowerment Focus & Specialization

The empowerment method focuses on achieving goals and changing systems by using available strengths, resilience, and resources. By focusing on competence rather than deficits in individual or social functioning, the empowerment model supports resourcefulness and the development of skills to remove social barriers for individuals and communities.

SAU established the first Master of Social Work (MSW) program with an empowerment specialization in the U.S., and in the past 20 years, we've educated more than 500 students who are now actively helping individuals, families, communities, and society. 

We want our undergraduate students to have a similar impact, so we designed a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) program that teaches generalist social work practice skills through an empowerment lens.

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Let our students tell you more about the Empowerment Method. Watch this video.


Katie Van Blair, PhD, Professor and Director, SAU School of Social Work

Wafa Alhajri, PhD, Asst. Professor
Johny Augustine, PhD, Professor
Kyle Bennett, PhD, Asst. Professor
Jennifer Boedeker, MSW, Director of Field Education and Clinical Asst. Professor
Lisa Fortner, Online Program Coodinator 
Jennifer Green, Administrative Assistant
Christie Kostichek, Administrative Assistant
Kathryn Lally, Clinical Instructor
Kristi Law, PhD, Assoc. Professor, BSW Director
Chris Martin, PhD, Assoc. Professor and Admissions Coordinator
Andrew Repp, PhD, Asst. Professor

Professors Emeriti
Pamela Long, ACSW, LISW, LCSW, Professor Emerita
Michael Jerin, PhD, Professor Emeritus
Michael O'Melia, MSW, Professor Emeritus

Adjunct Instructors
Anne M. McNelis, LCSW, Director of Clinical Services, Transitions Mental Health Services
Nicholas Swanson, LMSW, School Social Worker, Mississippi Bend AEA
Tesha Dobling, LMSW, Linn County Mental Health/Development Disability Central Point Coordination
Gary E. Weinstein, LCSW, CEO, Transitions Mental Health Services
Angela Moody, MSW, Retired CEO, Arrowhead Youth and Family Services
Kayla Behrens, LMSW, Case Management-Social Worker, Unity Point

Josh Breen Mobile Cutout Josh Breen Headshot

Josh Breeden

Bachelor of Social Work,Class of 2021

Josh's high school experience – combined with a military tour in Iraq – showed him the many ways people use differences as weapons. Josh sought an education that teaches him how to bring people together and move the world forward. He found it at St. Ambrose.

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Katherine Van Blair, PhD, Director and Professor

Master of Social Work
North Davenport Education Center
1950 E. 54th St.
Davenport, IA 52807

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