What is the First Destination/Outcomes Survey?

The first destination survey is a brief online survey for gathering employment and graduate school admissions data from new college graduates based upon prevailing national demands and standards.

The benefits of completing the survey include:

  • Opportunity to win great prizes
  • Communicate the value of your degree: The more value we can show your degree has, the more valuable your degree becomes.
  • Helps us identify employer partnerships resulting in increased recruiting opportunities for future Ambrosians     

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2015-16 Knowledge Rate

6 months after graduation

61.14% Employed or Volunteering; 19.43% Continuing Education; 14.34% Seeking Employment; 4.15% Seeking Continuing Education; .94% Not seeking (Based on 82.81% knowledge rate)


Get answers below to some popular questions about the Survey. 

How can I retrieve my unique link to The First Destination: SAU Outcomes Survey?
  1. Go to the Resend my Survey Link page
  2. Select St. Ambrose University from the drop-down list of schools
  3. Select your graduation class from the drop-down list of graduation classes
  4. Enter your name and email address, and click the "retrieve" button

If the email address you entered matches the email we have in your profile, an email with your unique survey link will be sent to you automatically. If your email address does not match, contact the Career Center at 333-6339 for assistance in updating your contact information and accessing your survey link. 

When will I receive the survey?

One month prior to graduation.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Contact the SAU Career Center at 333-6339.


Kim Matteson, Director

Career Center
Rogalski Center, 2nd floor
518 W. Locust St.
Davenport, IA 52803

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