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General Housing Information

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Explore cost, different types of living arrangements (themed communities, off-campus, summer, and graduate), and requirements of living on campus.

If you attend classes full-time you can apply for housing. You will be placed in a residence hall based in either traditional (typically freshmen and sophomores) or preferred (typically juniors, seniors, and graduate students) housing.

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How do I sign up to live on campus?

First, you must be admitted as a student. If you are accepted, you will receive correspondence from us that includes housing registration and further information.

We assign rooms based on the date you sign your contract and what building you indicated as your preference. (In other words, the earlier you sign your contract, the better chance you have at getting your first preference.) Housing placements for the following school year are emailed mid-May or early June.

Please Note:

  • Full-time students are required to live on campus until they have completed two years of post high school studies at St. Ambrose or another accredited institution of higher education (community college, college, or university).
  • Students who live with a parent or legal guardian within 50 miles of campus can be exempted from the residency requirement.
  • Students who begin college more than one year after graduating from high school may be eligible for a residency requirement waiver.
Living Off-Campus

Criteria to live off-campus

  • Full-time students are required to live on campus until they have completed two years of post-high school studies at St. Ambrose or another accredited institution of higher education (community college, college or university).
  • Students who live with a parent or legal guardian within 50 miles of campus can be exempted from the residency requirement.
  • Students who begin college more than one year after graduating from high school may be eligible to have the residency requirement waived.  


  1. Institutional Aid. Each institutional grant or scholarship has individual criteria for amounts awarded and some may have GPA requirements to stay eligible. We have an off-campus institutional cap. If you move off campus, your award will be revised accordingly. Please contact Bee Central at 563-333-5775 to discuss how your award would be modified.
  2. Your meal plan. Meal plans are optional for off-campus students. Contact Sodexo Food Service at 563-333-6360 to learn about options for commuter students.
  3. Interested in moving back on campus? Contact Residence Life to submit a housing contract and $100 deposit. Housing is granted by availability and preference is given according to the date contracts and deposits are received.
  4. Off-campus housing options. Complete listings are kept in the Residence Life office, open 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday. Please note that listings are not in affiliation with St. Ambrose University. While SAU checks with the city of Davenport to verify that each property is in good standing with the City Inspector's Office, the institution does not endorse anything further. Click here to view off-campus housing options
  5. Tenants' rights. As an off-campus resident, it is important you are familiar with your rights as a tenant. We've provided more information on tenants' rights (pdf) and a list of things to keep in mind while looking at properties (pdf). Additional information will be available at the Off-Campus Housing Fair. St. Ambrose values neighborhood relations and wants you to know how to do your part.
  6. Housing Deposit Refund Request. Requests for the refund of your housing deposit must be made in writing by May 1 to receive a refund of your housing deposit for Fall, or by December 1 for Spring.
Graduate Housing

Currently, St. Ambrose University offers a graduate housing contract to students with the plan to co-mingle with undergraduate and other graduate students as spaces are available. Please see Residence Life in the Rogalski Center or email Residence Life with any questions on availability.

St. Ambrose University offers annual, semester, and monthly housing for Graduate Students in portions of McCarthy Hall and certain SAU-owned Houses as a designated themed community. Click here to see Graduate Housing locations

2021-22 Graduate Housing (House)



  • Applications are available in the spring as part of our Themed Housing Process. Applications will be accepted and considered as long as spaces are available.

Requirements For Graduate Housing:

Top Features
  1. Single room option
  2. Fully furnished
  3. Patrolled by security
  4. High-speed wi-fi and utilities included
  5. On-campus location
  6. Weekly housekeeping
  7. In-facility laundry
  8. Walking distance to CHSE
  9. Conveniently billed to your student account (with daily billing option for "lease" flexibility)
Rates and Contract

Graduate Student Housing Contract

New graduate students: When admitted to St. Ambrose University, you will receive an email to complete an online contract.
Current SAU undergraduates transitioning to graduate: Contracts are available in the Rogalski Center, Residence Life Office.

Contracts will be considered once the $250 deposit has been verified. Note: The deposit will be paid in two payments: $100 with your housing application and $150 applied to your first bill.

2019-20 Graduate Housing Rate

  • Double or Single Room: $23.38/day
Summer Housing

Current SAU students

Cost, information, and contracts are available on MySAU Portal.


• Free parking (monitored by 24/7 security)
• Access to the SAU Library, Wellness and Recreation Center, sand volleyball court (right outside Hagen and Tiedemann!), game room, Starbucks in the Beehive
• Secure living: card-only access and security at front desks
• Receive mail and packages on campus
• Free Wifi, cable, and utilities
• Weekly housekeeping for bathrooms
• Full Access to Wellness and Recreation Center
• Summer Housing Assistants in each hall are there to help you, conduct nightly security rounds, and plan great events

Housing is available May 25 - Aug.1. If you need housing before or after those dates, contact Residence Life at 563-333-6258 to make arrangements.

Call the Residence Life Hall Director at 563-333-6258 or email

Summer 2021 Rates

For all summer residents

All summer residents will be expected to abide by university policies as well as Covid guidelines, including a daily symptom check. We will maintain isolation housing units in the event resident(s) test positive.

SAU Students


  • Any SAU student is eligible to contract to live on campus in the summer.
  • Students working on campus are eligible for free housing depending on the number of hours worked.
  • Students working at internships approved through the SAU Career Center qualify for a 50% reduction in housing costs.

Visiting Interns

This rate is for non-SAU college students who are working in the Quad Cities.

Hagen or North (Single): $26/day

Read the Terms and Conditions and submit your $250 housing deposit

North Hall

Academic Housing Community

The Academic Community selects well-rounded First Year students who set a high priority on academics and community involvement. Students accepted into the Academic Community are graded on a comprehensive 80-point scale.

Click here to learn more about the North Hall Academic Housing Community.

Applications due:

  • May 15 (to get housing placement by June 1)

The scale is based on the following criteria:

  • Students accepted to this community exemplify solid ACT scores and cumulative grade point averages.
  • In addition to academic success, students will be evaluated on their community involvement.
  • Each student will have to submit written responses to several essay questions.

The entire selection process aims to find students who align their personal traits and study habits closest to the mission of St. Ambrose. Students applying for/accepted to the Honors Program may request North Hall, but no application is guaranteed to be accepted.

Take a sneak peek of North Hall ... We're more than just smart kids!

Expectations and Outcomes

As a result of the activities and services provided by the Academic Community, residents will:

  • Invest in their community 
  • Display habits and attitudes that enhance their leadership abilities
  • Consider multiple points of view
  • Recognize a connection between their living environment and academic success
  • Become aware of academic support services and use them
  • Participate in Residence Life Programs
  • Recognize the impact of their participation in connection with their personal and academic success
Credit Requirements

    Traditional (0-59 credit hours): Suite-style living with groups of 4 students, with 2 students per room and 2 rooms joined by a bathroom

    • Students with over 59 credits may choose to live in traditional housing but will be held to the University Policies of traditional housing.

    Preferred (60+ credit hours): Groups of 4 in apartment-style living. Four single bedrooms with kitchenette, common area, and bathroom.

    Academic Housing Application

    Please note: THESE ARE NOT HOUSING CONTRACTS. Students must be accepted to SAU and have a housing contract turned in to be eligible for Academic Housing.

    First-year and Transfer students

    This community fills quickly, and spots in the Academic Community are not guaranteed.

    Contact Residence Life for the Academic Housing Application,


    Residence Life
    Rogalski Center, 2nd floor
    518 W. Locust St.
    Davenport, IA 52803
    563-333-6256 fax

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