Emergency Notifications

e2Campus Omnilert

St. Ambrose University uses multiple methods to notify the campus of emergency conditions. As part of its emergency notification system, St. Ambrose University uses e2Campus by Omnilert to provide immediate emergency alerts to employees, students, and parents.

This system allows the University to provide as-needed alerts to close the campus or when it is reasonable to assume that campus community members need to take immediate action in order to protect themselves or their belongings. (Every effort will be made to send these alerts within 30 minutes of an incident requiring immediate action to prevent a danger to life.)

The campus will continue to provide timely notice of criminal activity through campus email accounts and posters unless there is a substantive reason to believe that immediate protective action is required (see Timely Notice Policy for additional information).

Currently, the emergency notification system provides options to receive an alert via a text message sent to a mobile phone, by email, voicemail, Facebook, Twitter, or in all formats.

Click here to receive a mobile phone alert. If you also want to receive an email alert, follow the instructions you receive when your mobile account is validated.

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To make updates, add/remove subscriptions, change your email, or cell phone number, etc., click here to manage your e2Campus account. 

IMPORTANT: You may now sign in to e2Campus using your SAU network ID and password.

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For Your Information

Testing the Notification System

St. Ambrose may conduct periodic tests of the emergency notification system, which will otherwise only be used on an emergency basis.

Before conducting a test, you will be notified via email. When you receive the test do not respond. If you don't receive a test message, but you are signed up for text or email alerts, notify the security office.


Bob Christopher, Director

Security Office
Rogalski Center, 2nd floor
518 W. Locust St.
Davenport, IA 52803

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