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Book Arts

Group of students working on print making

Book Arts is an excellent major for artists desiring a multi-media environment for their talents and who have a flair for diverse materials.

Printmaking, photography, fine paper, unusual and standard binding techniques, computer applications, drawing, painting and design all convene in the book. The idea of a book is not confined to its common commercial definition but can take many inventive forms. The book can emerge from the creative process as a graphic novel, a sculpture, an installation or any form at all. Students with book arts major are valued in all graphic arts occupations.

Click here to see examples of student work from the SAU Art Department. (Requires Flash plug-in.)

Requirements for a Major in the Book Arts Degree Program (24 credits)

Majors also must satisfy the general art requirements.

ART 205 Studio Fundamentals: Computers in Art
+ART 220 Introduction to Printmaking
ART 307  Advanced Printmaking or ART 337 Photo Processes in Printmaking
ART 311 Painting II
ART 338 Letterpress Printmaking
WI-ART 360 Art of the Book I 
WI-ART 361 Art of the Book II 

Three additional credits of art or art history with the option of taking ART 402 Senior Honors: Book Arts.
Either +WI-AH 351 Art of the Modern World and /or +WI-AH 354 Contemporary Art are highly recommended.

Minor (18 credits)

+ART 100 Drawing Introduction
+ART 203 Studio Fundamentals: 2-D Design
+ART 220 Introduction to Printmaking 
+ART 232 Photography I or +ART 233 Photography I - Film
ART 307 Advanced Printmaking or ART 337 Photo Processes in Printmaking 
WI-ART 360 Art of the Book I 

+ = satisfies General Education requirement
WI = writing intensive