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MBA Program

Randy Richards

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Main Campus
Ambrose Hall, AH300B
518 W. Locust St.
Davenport, IA 52803

Fax: 563-333-6268

Dr. Richards completed more than two decades of managerial roles in several industries before returning to higher education to complete the PhD.

Over the past 20 years he has consulted with dozens of firms crossing the sectors of manufacturing services, construction and mining, and government. He is a highly sought-out trainer, and recently received formal certification in Executive Coaching.

In addition to his full-time appointment at SAU, Dr. Richards has regularly taught abroad, including institutions such as the International Business School, Vilnius, Lithuania; Zagreb School of Economics, Zagreb, Croatia; and the Kaiserslautern Technical University in Kaiserslautern, Germany.

Areas of expertise in research, teaching, and consulting include leadership, conflict management, small group dynamics and teams, and business ethics.

Dr. Richards also formerly directed the SAU Master of Organizational Leadership. An accomplished researcher, he has recently authored or co-authored articles in Instructional Science, International Journal of Business, Humanities and Technology, and the Journal of Management Studies.


PhD, University of Iowa 
Dissertation: Liberal Impartiality and Just Distribution

MA, Georgetown University 

BA, St. Ambrose University


In Business and/or Industry

20 years of management before full-time at SAU
15 years consulting and executive workshops in the areas of leadership, conflict management, small groups and teams, professional and business ethics
20 years continuing education workshops for insurance and financial services


15 years as Visiting Professor in International Business School in Vilnius Lithuania
8 years Contributing Faculty at Zagreb School of Economics and Management in Zagreb Croatia
8 years as Visiting Professor at Kaiserslautern Technical University, Kaiserslautern, Germany

Professional Work

2007 - Present: Visiting Professor, Zagreb School of Economics and Management, Zagreb, Croatia
2000 - Present: Visiting Professor International Business School MBA program, Vilnius University, Vilnius, Lithuania
1993 - Present: St. Ambrose University, Professor of Philosophy and Managerial Studies 
2003 - 2012: Chair, Managerial Studies Department, St. Ambrose University, USA


Leadership Theory
Conflict Management
Leading Change
Business Ethics
Organizational Behavior
Human Resource Management
Dialogical Skills


Recent or Noteworthy Publications

Instructional Science. "Learning by restorying." W. A. Slabon, W.A., R. L. Richards, and V.P. Dennen, 2014

International Journal of Business, Humanities and Technology, "Credit Based Insurance Scoring", Patrick O'Leary, Randy Richards, Thomas Quinlan Vol. 3, No. 7, September 2013

The Journal of International Management Studies, "Views of the Market: A Cross-Cultural Comparison", Randy Richards, Patrick O'Leary, Brad Theissen Vol. 8, Num.2, August 2013

Virtual Professional Development and Informal Learning via Social Networks, V. Dennen & J. Myers (Eds.), "Story-based Professional Development Using a Conflict Management Wiki." Wayne Slabon and Randy Richards, IGI Global, 2012

Journal of Insurance Regulation "Insurance Professionals' Perceptions of Continuing Education Requirements", Patrick O'Leary, Thomas Quinlan and Randy Richards, 2011.

Periodicum Biologorum, "Cost management of general and regional anaesthesia techniques in context of quality resource management at the department of orthopaedics", Nika Pavi, Katarina Aki, Ivona Skreblin Kirbis, Randy Richards, Miran Martinacs, Vol. 113, No 2, 129-136, 2011, June 2011

Journal of the North American Management Society, "Impact of Mandatory Diversity Training: Lessons from a Private University", Patrick O'Leary, Randy Richards, and Thomas Quinlan, Vol. 5, No. 1/2, 2010

The International Journal of Management Education, "Teaching human resource management in Croatia using work based learning projects", Ivona Skreblin Kirbis and Randy Richards, Vol 9, No. 1, 2010

Obnovljeni život, "Načela etičnosti u upravljanju ljudskim potencijalima" (published in Croatian, "Principles of Ethicality in Human Resource Management"), Randy Richards, Ivona Škreblin Kirbiš, Mirna Koričan, Vol. 64. No. 4, December 2009


"The evolution of the Masters of Organizational Leadership" Ron Wastyn and Randy Richards, annual conference of the International Leadership Association, San Diego, October 2014

"The Heartland Highway Project: Lessons in Leadership" a documentary film by Matt Carroll and Randy Richards, premier showing at International Leadership Association, Denver, October 2012

"Can Servant Leadership Bridge the Divide into Corporate Leadership: A debate", Pro: Dan Ebener, Con: Randy Richards, International Leadership Association, Denver October 2012

"Views of the Market: A Cross-cultural Comparison" 23rd Conference of the Association for the Advancement of Baltic Studies (AABS): "The Global Baltics: The Next Twenty Years." April 26-28, 2012, University of Illinois at Chicago.

"Mandatory Diversity Training", North American Management Society, March 25, 2010

"Credit-Based Insurance Scoring: A 2010 Update", a nationwide webinar, sponsored by the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies, reporting on the results of our study of Iowa consumers views of credit based insurance scoring, Feb 10, 2010

"Cicero and the Ethics of Honest Business Dealings", 3rd International Scientific Colloquium on Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility, Zagreb, Croatia, July 17th, 2009

Publications, performances, etc.

(2000-present only)

"Performance, Achievement and Motivation at Work," Profit Magazine, Belgrade, Serbia, February 2010, pp.126-127
Use of Credit Scores by the Insurance Industry: Iowa Consumers' Perspective, by Richards, Quinlan, O'Leary. A consumer survey of 1200 Iowan's undertaken for the State of Iowa Insurance Commissioner's Office. December 2009
Nacela eticnosti u upravljanju ljudskim potencijalima (published in Croatian, "Principles of Ethicality in Human Resource Management"), Randy Richards Ivona Škreblin Kirbiš, Mirna Korican, Obnovljeni život, Vol. 64. No. 4, December 2009
"Filming in the Back of the Yards neighborhood of the The Jungle wedding reception," article for Lithuanian Heritage Magazine, Nov/Dec 2008
"In Search of the Bride's Roots from The Jungle," article on historical investigations on the ground in Lithuania, Lithuania Heritage Magazine, Nov/Dec 2007
"In Search of the Groom's Roots from The Jungle," article on historical investigations on the ground in Lithuania, Lithuania Heritage Magazine, Sept/Oct 2007
Formed a corporate partnership with Giedrius Subacius and Rise Sanders GRR Productions to write and produce a national documentary film on the writing of The Jungle. Summer 2006
Diary of the 2000 Trip To Lithuania with 2005 commentary and updates published on Giedrius Subacius, Professor of Baltic Languages, University of Illinois Chicago webpage as a class e-book reading assignment. Spring 2006
Diary of the 2000 Trip To Lithuania, published on Giedrius Subacius, Professor of Baltic Languages, University of Illinois Chicago webpage as a class e-book reading assignment, Fall 2005
Played role of Cardinal Wolsey in University production of A Man for All Seasons, April 10-13, 2003.
"Management Skills: Behavioral Styles in Managing Conflict", HR Advisor, City of Austin, Texas, April 2002, pp. 3-6. Article used my behavioral styles conflict assessment tool and explanation.
Performance of my play, Sylvan Slough, March 21-23, 2002, Studio Theater, Galvin Fine Arts Center, Davenport Iowa
Introduction to Viatical Settlements, a self-contained web-based Insurance Continuing Education Course, April, 2001.
"Commission, clients and conflicts," The Mirror, February 2001
"The Ethics of Listening," The Mirror, August 2000
"The Ethics of Business by the Numbers," The Mirror, June 2000
"E-commerce and ethics," The Mirror, Feb 2000

Unpublished or performed

Egle, Queen of the Serpent King, a play under review
Gyges, a novel
Mother of God, a play under review
Weight, a play
Gyges, a play


Academic Service

(2000-present only)

Member of faculty committee on evaluating adjunct faculty policies and performance, Feb 2010 - present
Member of the faculty committee on revised faculty evaluation methods, Nov 2009 - present
Ad Hoc Committee for re-structuring Associate Dean's position for College of Business, Nov 2009
Developed and conducted two workshops on increasing student involvement for faculty at Zagreb School of Economics and Management, July 2009.
Organized an exchange of students and faculty from Zagreb School of economics and Management to participate in the Team Building MOL Class, Aug 2008
Facilitated a meeting and exchange agreement between St. Ambrose International Coordinator and representatives of Zagreb School of Economics and Management, May 2008
Appointed to College of Business Dean's Search Committee, Sept 2007 - Mar 2008
Recruited for the MOL International Class in Zagreb, Croatia at two MOL sessions in August 2007
Presented at the new adjunct faculty College of Business workshop, August 2007
Appointed to the College of Business search committee for the new Dean, managing the recruiting process, July 2007
Brought in Dr. Giedrius Subacius for history classes on research methods in uncovering the back-story to The Jungle, Mar 2007
Brought in Dr. Neringa Klumbyte for marketing classes on international marketing-nostalgia marketing in the Baltics, Mar  2007
Conflict Management for Residence Advisers, Staff training, Rogalski Center, Jan 15, 2007
Campus liaison for Honorable Somnieng Heuron, Cambodian Buddhist Monk, Visiting International Exchange, Aug 2006 - June 2010
Antigone and the Constitution, a Constitutional Day panel, Davenport, Iowa, Sept. 18, 2006
Facilitated a meeting between the St. Ambrose International Coordinators and the Director of IBS to establish an exchange program between the schools, Vilnius, May 2006
Organized a three day celebration of "100th Anniversary of the Publication of The Jungle", St. Ambrose University, April 2006
Panel member for "Justifying Judicial Review" at the SAU Liberal Arts Friday Forum, September 2005
Iowa Career Counselors Conference, "What's in it for me?", a workshop to increase faculty involvement with campus career centers, St. Ambrose University, July 2005
Insurance Instructors Workshop, from Good to Better, St. Ambrose Insurance Continuing Education instructors meeting, July 2005
Appointed to MBA program revision committee, August, 2004
Promoted and raised funds for the presentation 100 years of Freedom of the Press in Lithuania by Giedrius Subacius, Ph.D. from University of Illinois Chicago, April 2004
Presented at the first Liberal Arts Friday Forum, St. Ambrose, a micro drama on a potential student and the liberal arts. Feb 2004
The Ride, customer service training for the Student Accounts Department on Campus, Jan 2004
Appointed by the Dean of College of Business to direct the development of an innovative curriculum for a joint Executive M.B.A. program with Vilnius University's International Business School. November 2003
Faculty Member of the Year, nomination, 2003 
Facilitated a workshop for Student Life Residence Advisors, April 2003
Elected to Educational Policy Committee a University governance committee Fall 2002, served two years, last year as Chair
Appointed to St. Ambrose Faculty Handbook Revision Committee, May 2002, served five years
Partners in Performance, two day leadership seminar for St. Ambrose staff, December 2002
Assisted in the presentation of SAU web based training capabilities for PDC for 30 corporate attendees, also did work for the CD-Rom that is being used to solicit new clients, April 2000
Developed and continuously maintain the Philosophy Department Web Site 2001-2007
"Web-based Instruction and SAU" faculty development presentation with Wayne Slabon, September 23, 1999 Designed and ran the first completely web based course at St. Ambrose - completed summer of 1999 - The course: Human Resource Management. Educational Policies Committee, St. Ambrose University,1998-1999, 1999-2000 secretary

Community Service

Sponsored, developed and coordinated a week long visit by Professor Yuan Yuan Xing from Liaoning University from Shenyang, China to promote links with Chinese businesses and Liaoning University. Events included press conferences, radio interviews, workshops and private meetings. Jan 2008
Developed, raised funds and promoted a violin and piano concert featuring performers from Lithuania and Russia, Dec 2007
Appointed to the Board of Directors, VIVA Quad Cities, April 2007
Promoted and produced The Fourth Annual Holiday Classic Music Concert, Dec. 2005
Strategic Planning, Board of Directors, Community Care, Inc. Dewitt, Iowa October 2006
Dealing with Difficult Volunteers, a workshop, The Mississippi Valley Girls Scouts, Davenport, Iowa, April 2006
Facilitated United Way Funders Meeting, Davenport, Ia, March 2006
Promoted and produced The Third Annual Holiday Classic Music Concert, Dec 2005
Once Upon A Time, Conflict Stories and Their Solution, 2005 Tri-Sectional Conference of Alpha Phi Omega, Augustana College, Rock Island, Il April 2005
Developed, raised funds and promoted a violin and piano concert featuring performers from Lithuania and Russia, December 2004
The Trial and Death of Socrates, presentation to Central High School Honors English, April 2004
Developed, raised funds and promoted a violin and piano concert featuring performers from Russia, Feb 2004, at Wallenberg Hall, Augustana College and Madsen Hall, Galvin Fine Arts Center, St Ambrose.
Developed, raised funds and promoted a violin and piano concert featuring performers from Lithuania and Russia, December 2003, Madsen Hall, Galvin Fine Arts Center, St Ambrose.
Mission Based Leadership, Rock Island Neighborhood Leadership College, Rock Island Ill, January 2003 with Dan Bozik
Stewardship, facilitated a discussion for The Partnership Way, Clinton, Iowa, January 2001


Research and Teaching Interests

Adult Education and Development - all aspects
Conflict management
Organizational Behavior especially leadership and group interaction


Civic and Professional Service

American Association of University Professors


Honors and awards

Nominated for Faculty Member of the Year 2003
Graduated Georgetown Cum Laude 1974
Georgetown University Graduate Scholarship 1971-1972
Woodrow Wilson Fellow 1971-1972
Graduated St. Ambrose Magna Cum Laude 1971
St. Ambrose University, Presidential Scholarship 1967-1971