Strategic Planning

Essential for success and institutional longevity

Providing Direction for the University

The purpose of the University's Strategic Plan is to provide direction to the university and a lens to focus its resources over the next three to five years towards those strategies essential to meeting its vision of becoming a leading Midwestern university.

The following plan integrates the mission, vision and core values of St. Ambrose University into three strategically focused themes, bringing forward the University's strongly-rooted traditions from its diocesan heritage to serve the region and to lead the region.

These strategies also bring forward an evolving understanding of the Catholic Intellectual Tradition through exploring the dialogue between faith and reason, as well as relentless inquiry. The plan is intentionally nimble in its design as our world changes quickly. As an institution, St. Ambrose University must be able to respond to its challenges and continue to lead in new directions.

Over the past twelve months, St. Ambrose University has engaged in the work of drafting its next strategic plan. This work included reflection upon past events and traditions, as well as careful consideration of possible future trends. Such reflection and consideration required the engagement of faculty, staff, students, alumni, trustees, friends, and community leaders in acknowledging institutional strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats, traditions and heritage, as well as the appreciation for changing times and stakeholder expectations for higher education.

The Framework

The Strategic Plan is organized around three strategic themes that evolved from both direct campus input and the University's strong vision for the future. Click below to read about our themes and initiatives.

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SAU At A Glance Mission and Vision

Framework and Initiatives

Strategic Themes

The Strategic Plan is organized around three strategic themes that evolved from both direct campus input and the University's strong vision for the future.

Leading the Community: The vision of St. Ambrose University is to become recognized as a leading Midwestern university rooted in its diocesan heritage and Catholic Intellectual Tradition. Ambrosians are committed to academic excellence, the liberal arts, social justice and service. As St. Ambrose University embraces its strategic position and influence on both the Quad Cities community and greater Midwestern region, it is essential to lead and to serve our community towards a brighter future.

Leading Learning: St. Ambrose University has a rich heritage in service for social justice creating a strong foundation for teaching and learning. As such, St. Ambrose University must lead in areas of teaching and learning that exemplify justice and excellence while also strategically addressing the educational needs of our region.

Leading Presence: There are more than 125 years of St. Ambrose University history acknowledging its Great and Lasting Beginning. Strategically planning for the future includes not only sustaining the mission and values of St. Ambrose University, but also its physical presence as a part of the community in a way that can sustain quality teaching and learning, as well as opportunities for growth. 


Strategic Initiative #1: St. Ambrose University will improve the accessibility of an Ambrose education.

Strategic Initiative #2: St. Ambrose University will ensure high-quality mission and market driven programs that deliver effective educational experiences.

Strategic Initiative #3: St. Ambrose University will develop facilities and campus infrastructure to facilitate teaching, learning, growth, and success.

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