Capital Initiatives

Providing facilities for today's and tomorrow's students

St. Ambrose has, since 1882, endured in part due to strategic and nimble responses to the changing needs of students and our community. Anticipating these trends programmatically or with updated facilities has always been a strength of the University.

Currently the University has fundraising initiatives for two capital projects, and we invite you to learn more about them and help us bring them to fruition.

Learn more about making McMullen Hall a Place for Business Learn more about St. Vincent's Athletic Complex Phase II

McMullen Hall - A place for business

The McMullen Hall project provides a permanent and prominent location for the College of Business, with a contemporary teaching environment and state-of-the-art resources.

McMullen Hall Exterior Cam

St. Vincent's Athletic Complex - Phase II

For Assumption High School and St. Ambrose the student-athlete tradition remains strong and is a large part of the campus experience and the holistic development of our students.

Find out more about Phase II


Sally Crino, Associate Vice- President, Campaign Director

Alumni House: 1527 Brady St.
Mail: 518 W. Locust St.
Davenport, IA 52803

So, what's next?

Make a difference in the lives of St. Ambrose Univeristy students. Make a gift, volunteer your time, or attend an event!