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Some courses also are offered alternatively as a hybrid which is a combination face-to-face and online delivery. Hybrid courses have scheduled assignments and exams, but they may differ in presentation and technical requirements, such as Elluminate Live.

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St. Ambrose University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission

In addition to accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission, we also retain several specialized accreditations as well.

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Online Programs

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

No matter where you live, you can earn a quality St. Ambrose education and your MBA online - and only in 18 months (going part-time)!

Our quality instruction, real-world insights, and mentoring gives you the boost you need to get higher up the corporate ladder or make a difference in your organization. 

Learn more about the MBA

Master of Criminal Justice (MCJ)

This 30-hour master's program can be completed on campus or online which enables you to satisfy work commitments and earn your degree.

Learn more about the Online MCJ or On-Campus MCJ

Master of Early Childhood Education (MECE)

The Master of Early Childhood Education (MECE) program allows early childhood educators and professionals to deepen their understanding of the field, develop leadership skills, and improve their expertise in research, child development, and special education.

Learn more about the MECE Program

Master of Public Health (MPH)

Public health works to protect the health of entire populations, ranging from local neighborhoods to entire countries and regions of the world. Public health professionals work in multidisciplinary teams to identify root causes of health problems and to develop solutions to improve access to health care and reduce inequities.

Learn more about the MPH Program


If you are a Registered Nurse who is ready to take the next step, we offer a top-quality and convenient RN-BSN program for working adults. Our exceptional faculty will support and guide you through this fully online program, and you could earn your degree in as little as 15 months.

Learn more about the RN-BSN


Whether you want to launch a new career, or move up the ladder in the company where you now work, our Bachelor of Business Administration can help you reach, and exceed, your goals.

This concentrated program is designed for adults who've already earned some college credit and are ready to complete their degree. You get 8-week courses, discounted tuition, and will learn and be guided by expert business faculty.

Learn more about the BBA

Bachelor of Business Administration-Accounting

Join a community focused on helping you finish your degree, and become the professional you aspire to be.

Our discussion-driven, adult learning environment develops strong business and accounting skills. You will be comfortable, challenged, and grow while collaborating with peers and faculty who really care.

Yes, at SAU you can finish your bachelor's degree in a supportive and accommodating environment.

Learn more about the Bachelor of Business Administration-Accounting 

Bachelor of Integrative Studies

Focus on your interest, needs, and goals, while completing the degree you may have started somewhere else. Our Integrative Studies program was designed for non-traditional students who want to broaden and deepen their studies, beyond the framework of a traditional major.

Eight-week courses allow you to earn your degree faster, in an affordable way and still have time to enjoy life.

Join a community committed to helping you succeed, and become the professional you aspire to be.

Learn more about the Bachelor of Arts in Integrative Studies

Bachelor of Applied Management Studies

Join a community focused on helping you finish your degree, and become the professional you aspire to be. Our discussion-driven, adult learning environment develops business and communication skills you can directly apply to your job. You will be comfortable, challenged and grow while collaborating with peers and faculty who really care.

Yes, at SAU you can finish your bachelor's degree in a supportive and accommodating environment.

Learn more about the Bachelor of Applied Management Studies degree

Frequently Asked Questions

Click below for general questions

Q: How is an online course different from a regular, face-to-face course?
A. Courses that meet completely online allow all students equivalent learning opportunities and outcomes.

According to the Higher Learning Commission definition, 75% or more of instruction occurs online. Methods of examination (e.g. exams, quizzes, assignments, and tests) also take place online. Students access all fundamental and/or supplemental course materials (e.g. PowerPoint presentations, handouts, research journals, articles, and notes) online. Students work in community online as they interact with one another and with the professor via discussion boards, group projects, email, and other online approaches that foster communication and cooperation.

Q. What is the difference between web-enhanced, hybrid, and online classes?
A. Hybrid: This approach combines traditional face-to-face classroom instruction and online instruction. Less than 75% of the coursework occurs online to replace a portion of traditional class time.
Web-Enhanced or Supplemental: Students access supplement course materials and assignments (i.e. PowerPoint presentations, handouts, research journals, articles, and notes) online.

Q. How do I drop or withdraw from a course?
A. If you need to add/drop a course after you have registered, you may do so at any time during early registration. If you have any questions, please stop by or contact the Office of the Registrar at 563-333-6202 or at

Q. Will I be able to ask questions if I take a class online?
A. Definitely. The instructor's contact information will be in the syllabus.

Q. What kind of academic support services are available for online students?
A. Visit the Student Success Center for study groups, supplemental instruction, and tutorial support. They're available to all St. Ambrose students in a low-pressure setting at no cost. Please call 563-333-6331 for more information. Please see the Accessibility Resource Center to inquire about modifications that are individually based.

Q. Will I be required to come to campus?
A. Not necessarily. There may be an exception for an orientation or final exam, and hybrid or web-enhanced courses do require you to be on campus for the face-to-face classes.

Q. How much time should I expect to spend on an online course?
A. You can expect to study 1-2 hours for every hour "in class" or credit hours taken. For example: A three credit hour course requires students to be engaged in the course or meet for three hours each week; homework may take 1-2 hours each session, making a total of 6-9 hours per week dedicated to one course.

Q. What classes are offered online and when do they start?
A. Go to the online catalog and use Advanced Search. Choose Location, then Online.

Q. Are there fees associated with taking online courses?
A. Yes. Please visit the Tuition and Fees page.

Q. How do I enroll in a course?
A. Visit Beeline to enroll online or talk to your advisor.

Q. Where do I get my textbooks?
A. The bookstore will have all of the information and supplies needed for your course. 

Technical Questions

Click below for technology-related questions

Q. What if I have a problem with Blackboard, my username, email, or password?
A. Contact CIDT with any questions about Blackboard and IT for questions about your username, email, or password.

Q. What Internet browser is recommended?
A. Firefox or Chrome

Q. How do I get my User ID and Password?
A. They will be mailed to you after you register for the online or hybrid course(s). Information Technology can assist you with any questions related to your credentials or changes that need to be made.

Q. How do I access the online class and content?
A. Course material will be posted in your Blackboard Course. Go to, enter your SAU ID and password, and then choose your class. The content will be on the left side of the page.

Q. How do I use Blackboard?
A. Click here to access Blackboard.

Q. Do students in the same online course need to be online at the same time?
A. Some online courses may be taught in a synchronized environment via Collaborate which requires mandatory, online class meeting times. This will be stated in the course description. Lectures usually will be recorded.


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