Alumni Spotlight Molly Conrad '14


What was your major? Theatre & Public Relations

What year did you graduate? 2014

What did you do after graduation? After graduation, I spent the summer recording and producing my debut album "One-sided" and come Fall, went on a midwest tour to promote it. (Thanks Comm department for teaching me valuable marketing and promotional strategies!) Post-tour, I prepared and returned to KCACTF for a much needed dose of theatre. Now, I'm making the move to Nashville to continue working on my music career. I will be looking at ways to get involved with theatre down there, because trust me- you can't shake the theatre bug once you got it.

What was your favorite memory from Ambrose? I have so many fond memories from the shows in Galvin ... The thrill backstage before the children's show with 1,000+ kids roaring, the serenity of primping in the dressing rooms next to lovely ladies, and those "aha" moments when everything clicks. My favorite moments were the times I've felt inspired, the times I've inspired, and the times we've had fun. Working on a project with other passionate artists is fulfilling, as is the bonding that develops among the team throughout the process. I feel inspired when working with great directors, and hope I inspire others in a similar way when I'm directing. I love persuading non-theatre students to join the theatre, whether in the audience or onstage. Theatre memories are meant to be shared! It's only been a year, and I'm incredibly nostalgic.

What do you miss most about the department? The people. The faculty and staff are inspiring, understanding, and SMART. Steal all their knowledge while you can. :)

How do you keep inspired in your workplace? Seeing live music, watching plays, listening to music/musicals. Art feeds art.

What was the biggest post-SAU surprise? There is no structure quite like school. Post-graduation you really have to prioritize time and focus. Time flies, so it's important to do what you gotta do TODAY.

What is your advice to current students? Find a healthy balance between work and play. Work hard and it'll pay off, but also enjoy every moment with the people you're around. Or if they're irritating you, go read a book. :)


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