Helping New Students Build Their Hive


This week St. Ambrose University welcomed First-Year students to campus for Building Your Hive, an extended, in-depth introduction on what to expect the first few weeks of college.

During these three days, staff and faculty will be on-hand to help new Ambrosians learn skills essential for college success such as time management, how to study, being proactive, asking for help, accepting help, and self-advocacy.

"Through this program they will meet people, resources, and peers before they need them," said Kim Matteson, Director of Retention. "This will make it easier to ask for and accept help if and when they do need it."

Many students attended Orientation sessions in June, but this new event was created especially for under-represented, minority, and first-generation students from the Quad Cities area. The first week of classes begins Aug. 22.

In addition to the services already present at St. Ambrose that help students succeed in achieving a bachelor's degree, each student in this group will be assigned to a dedicated Peer Mentor. This person will check-in with their mentee throughout the academic year and attend university events together.

"Increasing students' sense of belonging on a college campus is a key part of them persisting to graduation," Matteson said. "Building Your Hive establishes that real, personal connection before the semester begins."

Watch the Building Your Hive video here!



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