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Graduate in Four Years

Bee Finished in Four Years

First Year students: We'll help you graduate in four years.

St. Ambrose University is committed to helping students complete their undergraduate degrees in a timely manner. To demonstrate this commitment, we've established the BEE Finished in Four Years Plan.

Students who adhere to the plan terms are guaranteed to graduate on time-in four years or less. If any coursework remains after four years, the university will waive tuition and fees for that coursework.

St. Ambrose has always done a good job of graduating students on-time. The BEE Finished Plan takes that commitment to an even higher level of making college affordable, because in addition to only paying for four years of school (as opposed to five or six years), students also can enter the work force sooner (and earn a paycheck!). And with average lifetime earnings for college graduates at $2.3 million-$1 million higher than having a high school diploma alone-college clearly offers a lifetime return on investment.

First-year students will have until the fifth week of the spring term to sign the agreement. The plan includes terms that support four-year completion such as registering on-time, remaining in good academic standing, completing a required minimum amount of credit hours each year, choosing a major in a timely manner, and working closely with academic advisors. 

Learn about the Plan Terms below.

1. Enter St. Ambrose University in the fall semester as a fully-admitted, first-time, first-year student with appropriate high school preparation to begin a four-year, university-level graduation plan. Students must sign the BEE Finished in Four Years Plan agreement by the spring term of their first year of enrollment.

2. Remain in good academic standing as determined by the academic major department and university. Being placed on academic probation will nullify the Four-Year Plan agreement. If students change majors, they understand that it is possible that they may not be able to graduate in the same time frame, and that exercising this choice may nullify the Four-Year Plan agreement.

3. Successfully complete a minimum of 30-33 semester hours of credits each year for four years - as required by their academic major and university degree requirements - and maintain expected progress towards their degree.4. Work closely with their academic major advisor. This includes:

  • Meeting with your advisor at least once each semester to affirm progress and stay on track
  • Identify and enroll in courses needed in the following semester.
  • Timely admission to an academic major for those majors requiring a separate admission process, or, in the event of a change of major, requires student compliance with the sequence of courses referred to as 'checkpoints' in advising materials. These 'checkpoints' are intended to ensure your awareness of and compliance with expected progress and contribute to, but are not sufficient to ensure timely graduation under the Plan.
  • Register within one day of assigned registration date each semester.
  • Enroll in and successfully complete the courses needed for their program of study. Understanding that specific courses may not be available at the specific time or in the semester when they would prefer enrollment, students must also realize that some flexibility in timing of courses is advantageous. This is especially important as related to pre-requisite courses and is an important reason to ensure constant communication with an advisor. If graduation may be delayed due to the unavailability of a course, students will submit a Notification of Unavailable Course form within three business days of assigned registration date.

5. Changing your major: Students may change majors and remain in the Four-Year Plan if, at the time the student decides to make the change, he or she can still meet the requirements of the new major and graduate within the four calendar years. This determination of whether the student can still graduate within the Four-Year Plan agreement will be made by the department of the intended new major, and the Four-Year Tuition Guarantee Agreement must be resubmitted indicating department approval of the new major. If the student decides to enroll in an additional major/minor or in programs leading to additional licensing and certification, St. Ambrose University can nullify the four-year agreement in the event that the additional major and/or coursework causes the student to be unable to finish the first major within the eight consecutive academic (fall/spring) semesters.

6. Students are responsible for timely annual application for all necessary financial assistance and for being current on payment of all tuition and fees to allow for access to early registration periods.

7. If students are unable to graduate after completing eight consecutive academic (fall/spring) semesters and complying with all terms of this agreement, and the student's inability to graduate is due solely to the unavailability of required coursework, then the university will pay the tuition for any additional required courses.  

What nullifies the Plan Terms?

Being placed on academic probation is an automatic cancellation of the Plan agreement.  If students change majors, they understand that it is possible that they may not be able to graduate in the same time frame, and that exercising this choice may nullify the Four-Year Plan agreement. Download the Bee Finished Agreement (.docx)


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