Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains frequently asked questions about how the COVID-19 pandemic and associated protocols affect the SAU community.

See the Spectator Guidelines for SAU Athletics

General Information

What is the Mask Policy?

We continue to monitor our workplace and adjust safety measures. In line with the current trajectory of COVID-19, we are providing the following guidance regarding the use of face coverings:

  • All individuals may go without a facemask both indoors and outdoors. There are two exceptions to this policy, a faculty member has the discretion to require a facemask be worn in their classroom or lab, and individuals may request a facemask be worn in their private workspace when others are present. You should have a facemask available at all times for these purposes.
  • Employees and students will provide their own facemask in accordance with CDC guidelines.
  • Facemasks must be business appropriate and be in line with St. Ambrose University's mission and values.

Blatant violations are subject to the Pandemic Non-Compliance Disciplinary Policy.

If you have any questions about this policy or the use of face masks in the workplace, contact the Human Resources department at 563-333-6364 or

What Types of Masks Are Acceptable?

It is recommended that you wear a cloth face mask that fits snug to your face and is 100% cotton, double layered, and washed daily with soap and water.

Vented masks are not allowed.

Face masks must be business appropriate and in accordance with St. Ambrose University's mission and values.

  • Gaiters, approved by the Athletics Department and showing the St. Ambrose Fighting Bee, meet St. Ambrose requirements. Other types of gaiters are not allowed. The CDC cautions that the effectiveness of gaiters is unknown at this time.
  • Face shields (when worn without a mask) do not meet the face mask requirement, because the CDC cautions that the effectiveness of face shields is also unknown at this time. However, students, faculty, and staff may wear face shields along with a face mask for additional protection. Instructors may wear a face shield in certain situations where instruction requires an unobstructed view of faces, in situations requiring student accommodations, or as a Human Resources approved accommodation.
Visitor Policy

Visitors are no longer required to check-in before visiting campus.


How can students or employees get tested for COVID-19?

Testing is a critical step in preventing the spread of COVID-19 so appropriate decisions about isolation and quarantine can be made.

If you are ill with symptoms indicative of COVID-19 or have had an exposure to someone with a positive case of COVID-19, contact Student Health Services or HR to assist you in determining if you should be tested.

How to Get Tested for COVID-19

  • Order free tests at
  • At-home PCR saliva test kits are available at the St. Ambrose Campus Security Office (Rogalski Center).
  • Scott County Health Department provides at-home PCR saliva kits
  • Visit a Walgreens or CVS (all locations)
What if a student tests positive for COVID-19?

For students who have tested positive for COVID-19 and don't have permanent housing or cannot return home and isolate, a section of housing is reserved for the duration of their illness (approximately 14 days).

Please see the Isolation Protocol above.

Student Health Questions?

Call 563-333-5678

A Case Manager will assist you.

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