Engineering and Physics Labs

Hayes Hall

Hayes Hall, the primary location of the Engineering and Physical Science Laboratories, was completely renovated in Summer 2015. The facilities have all new furniture, cabinetry, mechanical systems, and technology. New equipment storage was created in close proximity to the laboratories to facilitate modular and multi-purpose use of the rooms. All departmental faculty offices also are located in Hayes Hall, as well as a small prototyping and student work room.

Hydrology Laboratory – Hayes Hall, 2nd floor

Used for research projects involving the flow of water through sand. It houses a flow oscillator, which is a custom designed glass piece of equipment stu-dents and Dr. Stonedahl have designed. It uses an Arduino connected to pressure sensors to control the water levels in the device. There are also permeameters in the lab, which are used to measure the hydraulic conductivity of sand. Some students designed permeameters from PVC pipe and got results that were as good as the research grade permeameter to which they were compared. 

Collaborative Laboratory – Hayes 002

Designed as a collaborative learning classroom, round tables allow for students to better inter-act with each other during project work time or lab time. Equipment for a given lab (for example, racks with oscilloscopes for electronics or measurements labs) can be placed on the center pedestal and plugged in. Students in junior and senior level ME and IE courses that require computer technology can use laptops with software pre-loaded to perform their lab activities (ProE, Solidworks, ANSYS, PSpice, MatLab, and LabView). In the future, we plan to mount large TVs on the wall for each pod. This will enable students to collaborate in groups by connecting to the TV and sharing their work with each other.

Computer Laboratory – Hayes 111

All engineering students have 24/7 access to the Engineering Computer Lab. The lab contains upgraded computers and monitors with all the software required for engineering courses. In addition, students have free printing (black and white and color) in this lab, and it's a great place for engineering students to get together to work on homework and projects.

Machine Shop – Galvin Fine Arts Center

In our manufacturing course, students learn the basics on how to use the fabrication facilities: woodworking, laser engraving/cutting, welding, milling (including CNC programming), 3D printing, and programming an industrial robot. After completing the course, students can use the facilities with faculty/staff supervision for academic-related projects.

Physics and Astronomy Laboratories – Hayes 001 and 003

These facilities are dedicated to physics and astronomy lab instruction. Renovated in 2015 with enhanced storage and space.

Prototyping Lab and Design Center – Hayes 302 and 303

The Prototyping Lab and Design Center are the location for many new technologies intended to foster innovation and creativity. Equipment includes several 3D printers, 3D scanner, laser cutter, upholstery machine, and vacuformer. The room contains work tables, storage for projects, and stations for working on electronic prototypes and an area for meeting and brainstorming.

Mechanical Engineering Laboratory – Hayes 304

Students in the Mechanical Engineering Laboratory use equipment to visualize, control, and test concepts in thermodynamics, fluid flow, and heat transfer, and apply that knowledge to design and build systems involving energy.


Mohamad El-Zein, PhD

Engineering and Physics Department
Hayes Hall 215
518 W. Locust St.
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