Honors Foundation

For Accepted, First-Year Students

Honors Foundation introduces students to interdisciplinary inquiry and a unique academic community.

In Honors Foundations, students take a series of courses exploring topics from the perspective of two or more disciplines; see Schedule below. This sequence of courses lays the foundations for addressing complex human questions and problems from a variety of perspectives and academic disciplines.

Students who complete Honors Foundations and wish to complete Honors Research Experience are automatically admitted without a formal application.

Step One: Apply to SAU Step Two: Apply to Honors Foundation

Priority Deadline

May 1

Priority Deadline

Only 40 spots! Applications submitted by May 1 have priority over applications submitted after June 1.

Submit your Honors Foundation application

Final Deadline

June 1

Final Deadline

June 1 is the last date to apply to Honors Foundation.

Submit your Honors Foundation application

Honors Foundation Learning Community

In their first year at SAU, Honors Foundations students take a thematically related series of courses (9 credit hours total) with the same group/cohort of students. These are called Learning Communities.

In these team-taught interdisciplinary courses, students collaborate with each other and their instructors to explore a theme from a variety of perspectives. The small class sizes allow students to form connections with each other and their teachers while making connections across different fields of study.

Scroll down to learn more about Honors Learning Communities.

Application Information

How to Apply

First, complete your application for admission to St. Ambrose University

If you're accepted to SAU, then you may complete the online Honors Program application*.

Honors Program directors select applicants based on the following:

  • academic record (ACT/SAT not required);
  • significant extracurricular, community, and service activities;
  • accomplishments, awards, and talents;
  • involvement in academic research;
  • a 500-word essay;
  • and a letter of recommendation attesting to academic eligibility.

Priority Deadline: May 1
Final Deadline: June 1

*Please note: The Honors application is unable to save your work during the completion process, so it requires a full submission once opened.

Teachers and Guidance Counselors

Teachers & Guidance Counselors
Submit your Letter of Recommendation. We request one letter of recommendation per application.


Course Sequence

Total credits: 15 credits


Fall Semester
+Honors 101 World of Ideas (4 credits)
Explore a particular theme using an interdisciplinary approach. Students will apply multiple ways of knowing to explore various questions and issues related to the particular theme.

Honors 112 Speaker Series (1 credit)
Further explores the topic addressed in Honors 101 through presentations by St. Ambrose faculty and staff and guest speakers from a variety of disciplinary perspectives.

SVLN 101 Service Learning (1 credit)
Offers students an opportunity to apply their academic learning in a community service setting.

Spring Semester
+Honors 102 The Life of the Mind (3 credits)
Continue the exploration of the theme identified for Honors 101 from the perspectives of two additional disciplines.



These courses may be taken at any point after completing Learning Community courses.

+HON 201 Special Topics in Honors (3 credits)
The interdisciplinary course examines a special topic from the perspectives of several scholarly disciplines.
Prerequisites: HON-101 and HON-102

HON-301 WI-Interdisciplinary Research Perspectives (3 credits)
Focuses on the Interdisciplinary perspectives and the role that research plays in different disciplines across the liberal arts.

+=fulfills a general education requirement


Marianne Fenn, PhD & Tanya Randle, PhD

Honors Program
2104 Main St.
Davenport, IA 52803

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