Honors Research Experience

Preparing You for the Professional World

Honors Research Experience is beneficial for students who want to build a bridge between their academic study and work in the field.

During Honors Research Experience, you will work closely with faculty advisors who will help guide you through the construction of your project. Along the way, you will encounter complexities inherent to non-structured academic tasks and learn to navigate them by setting your own schedule, taking initiative, and discovering resources within yourself. These experiences will help prime you for graduate work and make you more marketable for future career opportunities.

Along with the Honors Research Experience recognition on your transcript, completion of the Honors Program will provide you with an enriched undergraduate experience and help prepare you for the professional world.

Apply to Honors Research

For Spring Entry

Students wishing to enter Honors Research Experience in the spring must apply by Nov. 1.

Apply to Honors Research Experience

For Fall Entry

Students wishing to enter Honors Research Experience in the fall must apply by April 1.

Apply to Honors Research Experience

Honors Research Experience is for transfer students, sophomore, junior and senior students who want to complete an independent, interdisciplinary research project in a specific field and meet the admission criteria.

Students do not have to complete Honors Foundation in order to complete Honors Research Experience.

Application Information

How to Apply
NOTE: You do not have to complete Honors Foundation in order to complete Honors Research Experience.

Students who complete Honors Foundation in good standing and wish to complete Honors Research Experience are automatically admitted without an application.

Application Deadlines

Spring Semester Entry: Nov. 1
Fall Semester Entry: Apr. 1

Application should be submitted the semester before you plan to begin Honors Research Experience. In certain circumstances, an application may be considered past these deadlines.

Application Requirements

  • Attain a recommended cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher (for students continuing from Honors Foundation as well as new applicants for Honors Research Experience)
  • Complete the online application
  • Please attach a statement (2-4 pages) of intent addressing the following:
    • Your motivations behind completing Honors Research Experience
    • The ways in which the Honors Research Experience will help you achieve your goals in your major and in your career
    • A good research project begins with an unanswered question. What are one or two questions you have that you might like to ask in your academic field? Why?
    • You will be asked to choose 2 different academic disciplines in which to conduct your research project, thus, making it interdisciplinary. Please provide a clear description of how you are qualified to carry out an independent interdisciplinary scholarly project
  • Ask a professor in your area of research interest to complete the online faculty recommendation form. Please choose a professor with whom you have a positive working relationship and who can comment on your ability to carry out independent research.


Course Sequence

Depending on when students begin Honors Research Foundation – students must have at least Sophomore credit status – determines the semester in which students take the following courses (in sequential order):

WI-HON 301 Interdisciplinary Research Perspectives (3 Credits)
Focuses on the Interdisciplinary perspectives and the role that research plays in different disciplines across the liberal arts. Students will read and critically analyze primary sources to understand how multiple perspectives allow for a deeper understanding of complex issues. This course serves as a prerequisite for Honors 401.

HON 401 Thesis Proposal Preparation (1 Credit)
This course will provide students with the tools to develop a thesis proposal. Students will learn the process of developing a thesis topic, finding a thesis advisor, creating a thesis statement, writing a thesis proposal and developing a research plan. Students will select a topic of study approved by the student's major department, and facilitated by a full-time faculty member to then be carried out in HON 402. Prerequisite: HON 301

HON 402 Honors Thesis (1 to 4 Credits)
This course will guide students through the final steps of the thesis process. With the guidance of their thesis committee, students will carry out the research proposed in HON 401. Students will complete their thesis and prepare for the oral presentation of their work at the Undergraduate Scholars Conference. Prerequisite: HON 401

Undergraduate Scholars Conference
All students must present their research at the Undergraduate Scholars Conference in Spring of their Senior Year.

WI=writing intensive


Marianne Fenn, PhD & Tanya Randle, PhD

Honors Program
2104 Main St.
Davenport, IA 52803

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