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Kirstin Navaroli

Lifelong Learning Is My Ambrosian Value

Forensic Psychology, Class of 2012

"The unique classes offered at Ambrose provided me with a thorough understanding of the material I needed to be successful, whether it was to further my education or advance my career. The research I completed at SAU still guides my work and has led to quick promotions in my career.”

At SAU, learning is relevant, deep, and has a long-lasting impact. Just ask Kirstin (Kramer) Navaroli, who attributes much of her success to two professors – who she describes as mentors. Yes, an Ambrosian education carries you far beyond the classroom, just as we intended.

Current Position:

Programs Specialist, Washington State Department of Corrections


Why SAU?

Warm & Inviting Atmosphere

During a college visit in Chicago, Kirstin realized she was turned off by the bigger school/bigger city atmosphere. Then, on the way home, her parents stopped at SAU for a tour she didn't know they had scheduled. "The second we got on campus everyone was incredibly warm and inviting. That visit got me interested in SAU, and after more conversations with students on campus and an offer from the women’s basketball coach to join the team, I felt St. Ambrose was a perfect fit for me," she says.

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What about St. Ambrose made your college education worthwhile?

Kirstin uses one word – mentor – to describe professors Dr. Andy Kaiser and Dr. Julie Jenks Kettmann. "They took time to discuss career, education and internship opportunities specific to my degree. These conversations inspired me to pursue an internship with a local county jail and further, motivated me to complete my master's degree and continue to confidently work with an underserved incarcerated population," she says. "Additionally, the class sizes at Ambrose prepared me for the dynamic discussion that would be required through my graduate coursework."

Dedicated Faculty

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How did you grow as a person within the SAU community?

Beyond what she learned in the classroom, Kirstin grew through friendships. "These men and women continue to inspire me with the excellent people they are and the fundamental values they hold. Together we have supported each other through graduations, marriages, cancer, deaths, and everything in between. I am a proud graduate of SAU and grateful for the time I had to grow as a woman, professional, friend, and a Catholic. Go Bees!"

Student Life

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How did SAU prepare you for what you’re doing now?

Broad Opportunities & Support

During an internship at the Iowa Medical and Classification Center, Kirstin realized her passion for helping offenders successfully reintegrate into society. She is grateful her professors encouraged her to complete an internship, as well as do research. Those opportunities gave Kirstin an advantage when she applied to graduate school, and once again, her professors were right there, offering to help. "The graduate application process can be extremely tedious, but it became clear that because I was motivated to apply they were willing to help in any way possible."

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