Luke Beatty

Library Director | Associate Professor

Luke is Director of the SAU Library and specializes in library administration.

He also teaches information literacy, research, and library courses.

His research specialties include annotated bibliographies, the short-form publishing industry, and international education.

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  • MEd, University of Western Ontario
  • MLIS, University of Western Ontario
  • BA, Queen's University, Political Science

I decided to work in librarianship because it's a profession – along with firefighting and nursing – that is unambiguously good. I like going home at night and knowing that I haven't hurt the world for my having worked in it.

Luke Beatty, Library Director

Recent Publications

Beatty, Luke and Cochran, Cynthia (2022, forthcoming). Teaching the Annotated Bibliography: A Resource for Instructors, Librarians, and Other Academic Professionals. Routledge.

Beatty, Luke and Cochran, Cynthia (2020). Writing the Annotated Bibliography: A Guide for Students and Researchers. Routledge.

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