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Molly Gabaldo

Service Is My Ambrosian Value

Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Class of 2014

"The culture of togetherness and shared experience almost created a sense of responsibility in me to become involved, and stay involved in campus activities and the lives of my fellow Ambrosians. I walked away from SAU with not only my degree but a sense of self, and an appreciation for the importance of community.​"

As an Ambrosian, Molly learned how she could make a difference in the lives of her peers, her community, and the world. Today, those lessons continue to define her views, and most importantly, her actions.
University of Chicago Hospitals Building

Current Position:

ER Nurse, University of Chicago Medical Center & Program Coordinator, Free Clinic, The Port Ministries

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Why SAU?

Ambrosian Values

"SAU spurred my desire to dig deeper in my own roles, both professionally and personally, of social inequities. I had the opportunity to study abroad in India and learn about barriers to health care experienced by rural communities; traveled to Mobile, AL with Habitat for Humanity; dipped my toes in community organizing with Quad City Interfaith; learned the steps of policy change and law making; and the rich history of Saint Ambrose's support of social justice activists throughout history, via the Pacem en Terris award. SAU's commitment to justice should be it's pride, it certainly makes me proud to bee a bee."

Explore Your Impact

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How has SAU changed you?

"Being a part of the SAU community allowed me to have a safe space to explore my interests and meet people of varying backgrounds and walks of life. I found myself deeply involved in campus ministry, Ambrosians for Peace and Justice, and a variety of other organizations on campus where I met people who remain some of my closest friends.​"

Defining Experiences

Molly at Port Ministries

How has SAU allowed you to make a difference?

While attending SAU, Molly took part in a service learning trip where she was introduced to Port Ministries, a nonprofit in Chicago’s southside. She maintained a relationship with the organization and today she coordinates Port Ministries Free Clinic Program and service immersion trips. “SAU pushed me to cultivate a sense of social justice and social responsibility within my privileged opportunities. Obtaining a college education is one of the greatest privileges afforded to a person and it was at SAU that I began to fully recognize that I have an obligation to do something meaningful with that privilege,” she says. ​​

Make An Impact

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Why Choose the Nursing Program?

Personalized Education

Molly wanted a strong education in the science of nursing and to be able to connect with patients and communities on a more human level. At SAU, she was able to add minors in Theology and Justice & Peace Studies to her degree. And close guidance from SAU faculty helped her discover her career passion. "My BSN is an obvious preparation that SAU provided, but that came along with a great deal of support from nursing instructors, encouragement to pursue Emergency Medicine as a specialty, and even follow-up with previous nursing department faculty through my years post graduation.” ​

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