Nathan Funke

Integrity Is My Ambrosian Value

Bachelor of Arts in Accounting and Business Management '15; Master of Accounting, Class of 2016

"Coming to work here was a natural fit from the skills I developed in my years at St. Ambrose."

By his junior year, Nathan was aware of the formidable reputation of global furniture manufacturer HNI Corp. Curious and confident, he attended an SAU career fair and introduced himself. It led to a first, then second, internship with the company, and now, is home to his professional career. Nathan is a finance analyst for HON Finance Division, HNI Corporation.
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What do you enjoy most about your job?

"They've allowed me to grow over the years and build my skills as a financial analyst. They have given me many opportunities to experience various parts of the business and work in different departments. I've learned about the business, learned about myself, and I get to help drive and create value for HNI."

How does your liberal arts foundation connect to your career?

Critical thought

"Much of my job is problem solving. It is finance-related but at the end of the day it is all about understanding your audience, what they are facing and how to best resolve an issue," he said. "Developing those skills at SAU, whether in an accounting or a business course, or even a philosophy class, helped me refine those skills and learn that process."

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How were your internships valuable?

"They helped me learn about the professional world and environment, and how it differs from book learning," he says. "I came back my senior year after having my first internship at HNI and there were different words and topics that began to 'POP' for me because I knew it was something companies really value. I could shift my focus to develop those skills."


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How did the MAcc program build on your undergraduate education?

"It opened my eyes to other areas of business that would play a role and took me past the financial statements and the heavy coursework of accounting. The program helped spread, and round out, my business acumen." St. Ambrose University offers a comprehensive and nationally accredited graduate education, something leading employers and large corporations value.

Master of Accounting


How do you continue to fill the Ambrosian mission to enrich lives?

Giving Individualized support

"I always extend a helping hand to new members, take the time to make sure everyone feels welcomed and understands what we do at HON. I learned that at St. Ambrose from the people who took time with me, and I try and pay that forward."

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So, what's next?

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