Nicholas Voth

Laboratory Coordinator

Nick is the laboratory coordinator in the Kinesiology Department. He is also an academic advisor and recruiter for the Master of Science in Exercise Physiology program.

Nick is a member of the American College of Sports Medicine.

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  • MEd, Bowling Green State University, Kinesiology (Exercise Physiology)
  • BS, Bowling Green State University, Exercise Science


Nick's research focuses on exercise physiology as it relates to performance in endurance sports.

Recently, his research has focused on the velocity-duration concept and the application of field-based testing to mathematically model and predict running performance.

Interests also include nutritional and supplemental strategies to optimize sport performance.

Recent and Noteworthy Publications

Voth, N. R., Laurent, C. M., Kiss, J. E., & Fullenkamp, A. M. (2020, May). Validity of a field-based critical velocity test on predicting 5,000m running performance. Poster presented at the American College of Sports Medicine 67th Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA.

Laurent, C.M., Green, J.M., Davis, J.K., Geary C.L., & Voth, N.R. (2019). Differentiated ratings of perceived exertion between overweight and non-overweight children during submaximal cycling. International Journal of Health Sciences, 13(1), 3-8.

Tomko, P.M, Laurent, C.M, Fullenkamp, A.M., Voth, N.R., & Young. C.A. (2019). Mouth rinsing carbohydrates serially does not improve repeated sprint time. Journal of Human Kinetics, 67(1), 133-142.

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