Mission, Vision, and Core Values


The Department of Nursing subscribes to the mission of St. Ambrose University and the College of Health and Human Services as a premiere Midwestern nursing program, preparing nurses who are ready to advance the health and wellness of our communities.


We honor our history of dedication, compassion, and strength as the foundation of our core values. We will investigate and interact in the dynamic healthcare arena to keep our faculty and our students at the forefront of nursing. We embrace the pursuit of knowledge, innovation, and future thinking.

Core Values

Excellence in education is achieved through innovative teaching-learning strategies that empower students to develop the critical thinking skills necessary to become safe, accountable, and professional nurses. Students engage in scholarly activities to promote EBP (Evidence-Based Practice) and optimal client outcomes as a foundation for excellence in nursing.

Environment of Learning
Our student-focused environment of learning is based on mutual respect, where ideas are shared with civility, differences are celebrated, and actions are guided by caring. This environment of intellectual exploration and discovery is enhanced by inter-professional collaboration

The St. Ambrose University curriculum incorporates the paradigms of caring, coaching, educating, and advocating in diverse settings to prepare our graduates for future nursing roles.  The St. Ambrose University faculty strive to deliver an innovative curriculum that is rich in experiential learning, embraces changes, and shapes emerging strategies in health care delivery.

Whole Person Caring
All facets of a person's being have value. Students and faculty partner with clients to individualize strategies that optimize physical, spiritual, psychosocial, and cultural health.

Faculty and students impact the health of the greater Quad Cities community through their commitment to service. Recognition of and response to community needs are part of experiential learning. These experiences promote lifelong awareness of service needs and healthcare resources at regional, national, and global levels.

nursing students

Goals and Outcomes

Developing beginning-level professional nurses who use caring, ethics, and standards of care to guide their practice


  1. Develop holistic nurses who use caring, ethics, and standards of care to guide their practice.
  2. Foster the development of individuals who are prepared for today and tomorrow's challenges and assume responsibility for the advancement of humanity and nursing.
  3. Prepare program graduates to pursue additional education.


  1. Synthesize knowledge from the liberal arts and the sciences in utilizing the nursing process to deliver compassionate, safe, holistic nursing care.
  2. Integrates knowledge of systems leadership, quality improvement, and client safety for the provision of holistic, client-centered care across the healthcare continuum.
  3. Appraises and integrates standards of evidence-based practice and theory to improve health outcomes for clients, families, and populations.
  4. Utilizes technology and information systems in multiple practice settings for quality client care.
  5. Collaborates with clients, health care professionals, and the community to advocate and influence policy, finance, and regulatory factors to improve and optimize healthcare practices.
  6. Demonstrates appropriate team building, communication, and collaborative strategies when working with clients and members of the healthcare team.
  7. Selects caring, coaching, and educating strategies for health promotion and disease prevention at the individual and population level.
  8. Engage in ethical reasoning and interdisciplinary problem solving to optimize human dignity, autonomy, and social justice.
  9. Provides safe, cost-effective, and holistic client-centered care to individuals, families, groups, communities, and populations throughout the lifespan utilizing appropriate resources across healthcare environments.


Deb Frankie-Lasher, Advisor/Recruiter

Center for Health Sciences Education
1320 W. Lombard St.
Davenport, IA 52804

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