Bee Responsible

Wonder where fines for alcohol-related violations go? The Alcohol and Other Drug Committee has created a fund from which ANY student can request money to hold an alcohol-free event!

You heard right. If a residential student is found responsible for violating the alcohol policy multiple times or hosting a gathering where violations occur, they will be charged $50. In an effort to give 100% of the funds back to the campus population, we have created this process for any SAU student to request money.

The requirements are simple:

  • An SAU student must fill out the form.
  • The event or activity must be alcohol-free.
  • The event or activity must begin after 9pm from Wednesday to Saturday.
  • The form must be filled out 5 business days before the event to allow the committee to vote.
  • The event or activity must have a target audience of 25 or more people.
  • RAs and student organizations are strongly discouraged from applying for these funds.

Once you fill out the request, the committee will vote on the request, and you will be contacted. If the committee has questions, the request will have to be re-approved.

All receipts must be turned in to Jason Richter, Director of Student Enrichment (Student Activities office) in order for a reimbursement check to be processed.

Within 5 business days of the event or activity, an evaluation form must be filled out. If the evaluation is not turned in, 50% of the funding will be lost.

Stumped for ideas?

  • Throw a dry house/townhouse dance party! 
  • Have a game night in your building with fun prizes! 
  • Invite your floor to make t-shirts, carve pumpkins, or do something else crafty! 
  • Organize a dance for the entire freshman class! 
  • Plan a campus-wide game of Capture the Flag or a Scavenger Hunt! 
  • Host a karaoke night in one of the building's lounges! 
  • Start up a late night volleyball or flag football game with equipment that glows for your friends! 
  • Or any other event you and your friends/floor mates/building mates/classmates would be interested in doing together!

So, what's next?

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