Logo Guidelines

The official institutional logo consists of a graphic element or emblem representing a stylized tower topped by a cross and lettering in a specific font spelling out the university's name. This replaced a previous institutional wordmark-only logo.

The graphic element and lettering of the official institutional logo are to be used as one unit and not to be used separately. Exceptions to this rule will only be made very selectively for compelling institutional or graphic design reasons, which must be pre-approved by the Communications and Marketing Office. In most instances, such a modified logo would be created and placed by the Communications and Marketing Office.

Departments, programs, and offices should use up their existing stock of materials with the pre-January 2012, wordmark-only logo. Any instances of older St. Ambrose logos (such as the "Bishop Icon" logo used from 1987 to 2008) should not be used and should be reported to the Communications and Marketing Office so that they may be replaced.

The St. Ambrose University institutional logo should be included in all publications; print and television advertising; and communications distributed to or intended primarily for external use or for the public at-large. Examples include: recruitment publications, newspaper advertisements, and letterhead.

Graphics files for the institutional logo can be obtained from the Communications and Marketing Office; send an email requesting the logo be sent to you. The logo should not be re-sized, stretched, skewed, or otherwise altered. Faculty or staff in need of a special file treatment should contact the Communications and Marketing Office for assistance.

There are only two main instances in which the institutional logo may be superseded by other officially sanctioned St. Ambrose logos; they are in relation to (1) athletics or (2) Office of the President/Board of Trustees usage.

In the case of certain athletics usage (primarily uniforms) an athletic logo such as the Fighting Bee may be used on its own; however, printed materials promoting athletics should include the institutional logo.

High level, official presidential, or board usage (such as diplomas, certificates and proclamations) typically incorporate the university seal. In most instances the university seal is used in conjunction with the signature of the president or the chair of the board.

No office or department (except as noted above) is allowed to use an athletic logo or the university seal in place of the institutional logo.

Printed materials and other items intended for internal, on-campus communications purposes only (fliers, cafeteria table tents, etc.) may be produced without an institutional logo, but cannot use the athletic logo or the university seal.

Individual departments, programs, offices, projects, and initiatives should not develop or use any other logos in place of or in conjunction with the institutional logo.

The university bookstore and some local vendors (such as Campus Town) have been given special latitude – within trademark and licensing guidelines – in their use of St. Ambrose logos for merchandise items created for retail sale.

All St. Ambrose University logos – including the primary institutional logo, the university seal, the Fighting Bee logo, and other athletics logos – are trademarked property of the university. St. Ambrose University logos should only be used for official university purposes. St. Ambrose University logos should not be used for personal communications or personal purposes. Prohibited uses include - but are not limited to - displaying university logos on personal business cards and personal social media sites.

Any questions regarding logo guidelines should be addressed to the Communications and Marketing Office, 563/333-6295.

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