Admission and Application

Bachelor of Social Work

For Current SAU or Transfer Students

Current SAU sophomores or transfers may apply for Standard admission to the BSW program.

Click here for the BSW Standard Application. Please note that the application does not save; have your personal statement and contact information for a reference ready to attach.

Review of applications begins April 1 and continues through July 15. Applications are reviewed in the order received.

For High School Students

High achieving high school students interested in securing their place in the BSW program at SAU may apply for Track I consideration.

Review of Track 1 applications will begin April 1. 

Click here for the BSW Track I Application. Please note that the application does not save; have your personal statement ready to attach.

Connecting Coursework and Field Experience

BSW Student Myra Clasen Shares Benefits of SAU program


Standard Admission


All students intending to enter the BSW program their junior year must complete the following:

1. Earned at least 45 credit hours and have a minimum 2.5 GPA (including any SAU and transfer credits).

Current SAU students will generally apply during the second semester of sophomore year; the timing may vary for transfer students. 

2. Taken the following prerequisite courses with a grade "C" or higher (No C- *exceptions will be considered):

  • SWK 201 Introduction to Social Work, 3 credits
  • Human Biology, 4 credits: BIOL 101; BIOL 101L or BIOL 112; BIOL 112L or 199, 205, or 230
  • Choose one based on your interests (3 credits each): PSYC 105 Introduction to Psychology, SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology, or WGS 201 Intro to Women and Gender Studies
  • STAT 213 Statistics/Methods, 3 credits or SOC 430 Data Analysis in Social Research, 4 credits
  • PSCI 101 Intro to American Government, 3 credits

3. BSW Admission Application which includes:

  • Personal Statement, Addressing specific prompts in 750-1000 words:
    1. Describe why you are choosing social work as your chosen career path. Reflect on our own experiences and discuss your reasons for choosing social work. 
    2. Describe what social justice means to you. Reflect on your own experiences and discuss the ways you think about social justice.
    3. Discuss any pre-requisites that you have not yet met as of the completion of this application (e.g. a required course not yet taken or a C- or lower in any required course). Identify the requirement not fulfilled, discuss why it was unfulfilled, and how you will overcome that discrepancy in the social work program. 
    4. Discuss any additional information not previously covered that you feel would strengthen your application into the BSW program (e.g. describe a volunteer or service learning experience that you have had and how it impacted you OR describe one strength and one challenge you bring to the social work profession and how it will play a part in your social work career). 
  • Professional contact information for a person who can serve as a professional reference (e.g., a supervisor or college instructor)
  • Transcripts sent from all institutions attended (if applicable)
Track I Admission


All high school students intending to enter the BSW Track I/Early Decision must satisfy the following:

1. Earned high school GPA of at least 3.0 unweighted

2. Earned ACT score of at least 23

3. Accepted for admission to SAU

4. Submitted the Track I BSW Admission Application which includes a Personal Statement.


Kristi Law, PhD, Director

Bachelor of Social Work
Hayes Hall 334
518 W. Locust St.
Davenport, IA 52803

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