Use Your Gifts

To serve God, others, and the world

Campus Ministry aims to support our students as they discern their future, both while at St. Ambrose University and beyond. All people have a vocation, a calling to best use their gifts and talents in the service of God, others, and the world.

There are formal and informal ways in which discernment occurs with Campus Ministry. Our retreat programs, especially the New Student Retreat and Senior Retreat, encourage students to think about their future, both during their time at SAU and after graduation. Students may also talk and pray with campus ministers who are always available. Furthermore, many of the programs within Campus Ministry - such as liturgical and music ministries, youth and retreat ministry, and service work - can open up future career paths for our students and empower them to become more involved in the church.

We also encourage students to consider a religious vocation to life as a priest or religious sister or brother. Our Busy Student Retreat brings in spiritual guides to work one-on-one with our students. Many of these guides also serve as vocation directors for their specific diocese or religious order. As a diocesan university, we also work closely with the Diocese of Davenport to encourage religious vocations in our diocese.

Be sure to contact us if you are discerning a call to the religious life, or contact your respective diocesan director of vocations:

Diocese of Davenport Vocations
Archdiocese of Dubuque Vocations
Archdiocese of Chicago,

So, what's next?

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