Local and Regional Employers

Without partnerships with local and regional employers, the Career Center wouldn't be able to offer the services we do.


You're important to us!

Whether it's mentoring a student, attending a Career Fair, offering internship and job opportunities or speaking to a class about how to advance in the "real world," local and regional employers play a vital role in the success of our students – now and in the future.

We are eager to partner with you. Call us today at 563-333-6339 to talk about how we can help each other achieve our goals.

EMPLOYERS: Post full- and part-time jobs, internships, and more on BeeCAREERS!

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Academic Programs

College is a great time for exploration, so we have dozens of majors and programs for our students to choose from in business, arts and sciences, and health and human services.

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A Multicultural Experience

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With 20 percent of our students belonging to a minority group, the community of SAU is dedicated to appreciating and understanding different cultures.

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Why Hire an Ambrose Student?

These employers answer the question

"The SAU student intern provided a fresh perspective into how we operate as an agency, allowing us to re-evaluate tasks and increase productivity. The intern exceeded our expectations and has made clear the specific character traits and work ethic we desire in our future employees."
-Probation officer, U.S. District Court, Central District of Illinois

"She implemented creativity, flair, and an engaging tone .... She knew the market we were targeting and spoke directly to them. On a professional note, she was punctual, came prepared with the appropriate amount of knowledge through her coursework, had goals she wanted to accomplish and saw them through during her entire time here with us."
-Manager, QC Botanical Center

Employers: Start Here


We make recruiting an Ambrose student pretty easy! We start with an excellent product: OUR STUDENTS. 

Employers tell us that Ambrose students are:

  • well-rounded individuals with analytical and creative skills.
  • invested in the community. More than 95% of Ambrose grads stay in Iowa and Illinois after graduation.
  •  excellent writers due to a curriculum grounded in the liberal arts.
  • prepared to join the working world. With help from the Career Center, they've practiced for interviews, polished their résumés, and stand ready to contribute in meaningful ways.

Click below for ways you can recruit an Ambrose student.

Career Fairs


ProFair is a premier event presented by Augustana College and St. Ambrose University, connecting our students and alumni to prospective employers (both local and national), internship opportunities, and graduate schools. ProFair is held in the fall and spring.

2018: March 22

Health Sciences Career and Networking Fair

Presented by St. Ambrose University. This annual event connects our students and alumni who seek fieldwork opportunities, internships, clinical experiences and/or full-time employment in nursing, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech-language pathology, and physician assistant.

2018: Feb. 28

Recruit Students On Campus

During this exclusive recruiting process, you'll not only have the benefit of the SAU Career Center managing your candidates through BeeCareers, but you'll also create visibility and increase your brand recognition.

We market the job opening to students and gather their application materials (résumés, cover letters, and transcripts). Then, students schedule an interview with you using dates and times you provide.

Step 1: Post a position on BeeCAREERS.

Step 2: Schedule an interview day on our calendar.

Step 3: Preview and invite selected candidates for an on-campus interview.

Call 563-333-6339 for additional information!

How to Request an On-Campus Recruiting Schedule (pdf)


When you hire an SAU student, you benefit from investing in someone with a liberal arts education which emphasizes communication skills, inquiry, and engagement.

See below on how to hire students for a job or internship using our online job site, BeeCareers.

Post a Job Opening

Through BeeCAREERS you can post jobs, internships, request recruiting schedules, review student résumés, and much more.

Use the following documents to get you started:

Post an Internship

An internship experience sets a potential applicant apart in the hiring process. It usually means they've gotten hands-on experience, learned skills specific to their intended career path, and (maybe) made some mistakes along the way from which to learn.

This is where you come in: hiring a St. Ambrose University student for an internship creates a learning experience for everyone.

As an employer, you stay in-tune to what young professionals are looking for in a work environment; you get to groom them for the expectations of your industry; and many times they offer new perspectives to old problems.

Internship Program Highlights

Your internship program may include any or all of these aspects:

• Part- or full-time/Paid or unpaid internship that typically lasts 3-6 months
• Incorporated into the work: learning objectives, observation, reflection, evaluation, and assessment
• Promotion of academic, career, and/or personal development

We want to help you develop and manage a successful and effective internship program (pdf).

Give Career Advice

When you look back on your first job out of school, what do you wish you knew then? Did you have someone helping you along the way?

We want to give our students the best chance at success right off the bat. Below are some fun and interesting ways to get involved.

Volunteer as a Career Advisor

Share your career experience and knowledge with St. Ambrose students and gain satisfaction from helping them grow and develop. 

You can make a huge impact on a student's career journey by sharing advice on what students need to be doing now in order to be successful in the field and talking to them about internship and job shadowing possibilities and other career-related topics.


  • To foster relationships between St. Ambrose alumni/friends and St. Ambrose students in an effort to enhance the students' knowledge of careers and goal setting
  • To provide a resource to help the student build a professional network and conduct a successful job search.
  • To provide a unique opportunity for St. Ambrose alumni and friends to give back to their community.


  • Give back to the St. Ambrose community and students
  • Satisfaction from helping students or fellow alumni grow and develop
  • Enhanced coaching skills

Register to Serve as a Volunteer Career Advisor*

*If you register for this program, it is NOT guaranteed that a student will contact you*

Mock Interviews

Help us prepare our students for professional interviews in their field by conducting mock interviews.

We have seminars and presentations about interviewing, but we believe the interview itself is the best preparation. The behavioral interviewing style is used extensively these days and is very effective for employers. Many students, however, need additional practice in order to handle it well. 

Check the dates below of our Career Boot Camps where you can interview current students using speed mock interviews. All Boot Camps are in the Rogalski Center (campus map). 

Contact the Career Center at 563-333-6339 to find out how you can get involved.

March 7, 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Etiquette Dinner

Create a BUZZ on campus about your company or organization by sponsoring a table at the etiquette dinner.

The etiquette dinner begins with a networking event followed by a delicious, four-course meal served during an etiquette presentation from an image/etiquette leadership consultant.

Benefits to the Employer

  • Network with students in a relaxed setting
  • Increase your visibility among SAU students
  • Enjoy a four-course meal prepared by Sodexo chefs

April 4, 2018, 4-8 p.m.

Email the Career Center or call 563-333-6339 to sponsor a table.


Kim Matteson, Director

Career Center
Rogalski Center, 2nd floor
518 W. Locust St.
Davenport, IA 52803

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