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Non-work Study Campus Jobs

Jobs will be posted August 1. Beforehand, students can complete an application and schedule using a "demo" position on BeeCareers.

On or after August 1, students can apply for either Children's Campus, Wellness and Recreation, or Weight Room. Supervisors will contact students via SAU email or by phone for an interview or to offer a position.

SAU Children's Campus (infant and pre-school daycare center)
See below

Wellness and Recreation Center
In order to work for Wellness and Recreation and/or the Weight Room, register on our job posting website, BeeCAREERS, and follow the instructions.
Weight Room Supervisor - see below
Sports Official - see below

Read the job description and/or complete the Security application below. You should also complete the Security Schedule (pdf).

Sodexo Food Service
Includes jobs as Barista in the Beehive Coffee Shop, Cafeteria Worker (Cosgrove), and Food Court Worker (Rogalski Center). For Sodexo jobs, you can apply online at First type in Davenport, IA and search. If you are interested in a position, click on the "Apply Now" button and fill out the application.

Positions for students who have attended SAU at least one semester:

Student Success Center Tutors
Students are tutors for their fellow college students and work through the Student Success Center. You must first be recommended by a faculty member.

Resident Advisors
RAs are trained to foster community among the residents on a residence hall floor. They plan programs, resolve conflicts, document behavior issues, and enforce university policy. Students should watch their SAU email when RA applications are being accepted.

New Student Seminar Peer Assistants
The peer assistant is a student co-instructor with a faculty or staff member for New Student Seminar (NSS). All peer assistants must attend all NSS classes which meet for 50 minutes twice a week for 15 weeks.

STARS (Students Trained as Role Models)
STARS work during the summer orientations leading groups to the various offices, answering questions, acting in skits, and hanging with the new freshmen.

Register or View Jobs on Bee Connection

Non-Work Study Job Listings

Several campus departments/offices hire students who are ineligible for work study hours.

Read about them below.

Food Court Worker

Student workers are needed in the Rogalski Center Food Court. Hours are flexible depending upon your schedule and how many hours you would like to work.

Times available:
Weekdays (3-10:30 p.m. M-Th; 2-7:30 p.m. Friday) and/or weekends (11 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Saturday and Sunday from 2:20-10:30 p.m.). Start time may be later depending on your class schedule. We have some students that work 5-10:30 p.m. and students that get us through the dinner or lunch rushes, such as Noon-2 p.m. or 4-9 p.m.


  • Work the different front-of -the-house stations: Pizza, Grill, Starbucks, Freshen's, Stack's Deli, and prep
  • Clean and sanitize workstations, counters, and steam tables and other equipment.
  • Interact with customers
  • Closing Duties: Sweeping, mopping, stocking, and closing down stations

Students should dress in black pants, black shoes, hair should be pulled away from face, and no jewelry, fake nails, or nail polish is allowed. We will provide a blue polo shirt.

Supervision Received:
Work under direct supervision and follow standard procedures and written instructions to accomplish assigned tasks.

$8.50/hour, paid every two weeks by Sodexo Apply online for this position at If you are interested in the position, click "Apply Now" and complete the application.

Security Student Worker

Wages: $7.25/hour
Hours: 8+ hours per week

Download application (pdf)

Students will provide an active and alert presence at a front desk in residence halls, the gym, off campus properties or the Operations desk in the Rogalski Center. Duties include checking Ids as required and providing information and assistance to all questions and calls. Criminal Justice majors preferred.

Students who work in Security provide a high level of visibility on campus, and are expected to adhere to campus rules and regulations. Students must show up to work on time every day they are scheduled to work. Students are expected to work rotating Saturdays and Sundays at least twice per week according to schedule. Students can be scheduled any time between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. M-F as their class schedule allows. Security students work an average of 12-15 hours per week.

Security student workers will have a training set up before school starts. All paperwork along with required identification must be completed at that time or the student will forfeit their job to another student worker.

Application Information
You can print out the application and schedule and mail it to me at the address below. For any information or concerns, our main Career Center office number is 563-333-6339. If you can stop on campus, fill out a Security application in the Career Center and leave with Mary Ohland.

St. Ambrose University
Attn: Mary Ohland
518 W. Locust Street
Davenport, IA 52803


Position Summary:

Greets customers, mixes and serves hot and cold beverages such as coffee, espresso, cappuccino, café latte, tea, chai, and fruit blend drinks.
Arranges coffee bar/cart supplies and cups/mugs to make attractive displays.
Maintains bar/cart area in a neat and sanitary manner.
Records all sales, collects money, operates a cash register and follows all cash handling procedures as required.
May operate a cash register.
May sell food items.
May maintain inventory, stock, and requisitions.
Prepares hot and cold food to make attractive items.
Other duties as assigned.

Typical Knowledge and Skills:
Applies basic skills and may develop advanced skills using tools and equipment appropriate for the position. Ability to effectively communicate and receive information in a manner easily understood by fellow employees.

Typical Requirements:
Education or Equivalent Experience: High school diploma or equivalent.
Supervisor/Managerial Experience: None
Function Specific Experience: No previous experience required
Certification Requirements: None

Works under direct supervision and follows standard procedures and written instructions to accomplish assigned tasks.

Working Conditions:
Work is performed in an area that is adequately lighted and ventilated.

Physical Demands:
Specific physical characteristics and abilities are required to perform the work, such as agility, dexterity and long periods of walking, standing, bending, carrying or lifting supplies and equipment weighing 30 pounds or more.


Bring your original social security card and driver's license with you to school in the fall. A birth certificate or passport can be substituted for a social security card. Without proper ID, you will not be allowed to work.

Apply online for this position at If you are interested in the position, click "Apply Now" and complete the application.

Updated 3/2017

Weight Room Supervisor

Weight Room Supervisors are responsible for the safety of the individuals in the weight room by providing a positive atmosphere and thorough customer service to all patrons.

Duties and Responsibilities
1. Provide customer service to all patrons.
2. Maintain supervision over Weight Room and patrons.
3. Prohibit unsafe behavior in the Weight Room. Provide spotting for patrons, if needed.
4. See that all policies regarding the weight room are enforced.
5. Communicate all issues with Wellness and Recreation, Security, and Athletics.
6. Provide assistance to individuals using the weight room facility and its equipment.
7. Verbally remind patrons to re‐rack weights first, before helping re‐rack if necessary.
8. Make a thorough check of the weight room facility and the equipment for cleanliness/problems  
9. Clean machines thoroughly during each shift.
10.  Keep desk and surrounding area clean.

1. Enrollment in an SAU academic program.
2. Knowledge of exercise equipment and spotting techniques.
3. Strong interpersonal skills and communication skills to effectively interact with the patrons.
4. Organizational skills, time management skills, and leadership skills.
5. A thorough knowledge of all Wellness and Recreation rules and regulations.
6. Willingness to enforce all rules and regulations.
7. Commitment to both safety and customer service.
8. The ability to utilize emergency training (CPR, First Aid, AED, and Blood Borne Pathogen) when necessary.
9. A pleasing personality and professional appearance.
10. Ability to maintain order (cleanliness of facility) and supervision in the weight room.

Majors Required: Kinesiology/Human Performance & Fitness, Exercise Science, Sports Management
Application: Submit a Student Employment Application and a Schedule of Availability on BeeCAREERS.  
Wages: $7.25/hour
Hours: 8 hours/week

Sports Official


Students will be working in the Lee Lohman Arena and Wellness and Recreation Center located on campus. Any off‐campus sites are less than a 5-minute drive.

Students are responsible for officiating intramural games/matches, and enforcing rules and regulations while encouraging good sportsmanship. Students will also be required to end activities when the potential for danger/injury becomes evident. This includes settling minor disputes and altercations. Possession of conflict management skills desired.

Knowledge of intramural rules and operations is preferred, but not required.  

No prior officiating experience is necessary; training is provided.

Children's Campus

About the Children's Campus

The St. Ambrose University Children's Campus (SAUCC) is a public daycare for children 8 weeks old through 6 years old. It is seven blocks from the main campus on the southwest corner of Lombard and Marquette streets. Students walk during warm weather. The city bus also is available and stops in front of McCarthy Hall. The bus is free for St. Ambrose students with student ID. Bus schedule provided.

Application Information: Interested candidates are encouraged to submit a Student Employment Application and a Schedule of Availability on BEECareers.

Wage: $7.25/hour Hours: 8+ hours per week

Classroom Helper

The student employee is responsible for assisting with program activities and providing help to teachers in all areas of the classroom program. This includes, but is not limited to, supervising children, communicating with parents, and providing a healthy and safe environment for children.

The student employee will also assist with cleaning duties in the classroom. Responsibilities in order of importance are:

  • Assist in maintaining consistency in implementation of caring routines used in the center including, toileting, meals, nap, snacks, playground, and clean-up routines.
  • Establish and maintain an open, friendly, warm relationship with children, and communicate with children at their level.
  • Use positive reinforcement techniques and appropriate steps in discipline to help children build internal controls.
  • Assist in maintaining a safe, clean environment, communicate with parents, teachers, and staff through informal discussions and the communication notebook, and be knowledgeable of and abide by center policies.

Students must purchase a polo shirt to wear with khakis or slacks. Additionally, a current physical and record of immunizations is required.

Required Majors: Psychology, Elementary Education, Early Childhood Education

Kitchen Help

The student employee is responsible for working in the kitchen to set up lunch time meals for the children and staff. The student employee also will assist with cleaning duties after lunch and maintaining a safe and clean environment. Arriving on time, having a strong work ethic, and dependability are the most important requirements of the job.

Kitchen hours: M-F, 10:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. Must be able to work at least 8 hours per week.


Kim Matteson, Director

Career Center
Rogalski Center, 2nd floor
518 W. Locust St.
Davenport, IA 52803

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